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This indicates the number of experience points in specific Skills that are given as rewards from doing certain quests. Points for quests are listed in ascending order.


Set rewards

These rewards are given in a certain skill after doing a quest; there is no choice involved.



Total: 189,426 Experience.


Total: 112,837/127,837 Experience.


Total: 58,725 Experience.


Total: 44,520 Experience.


Total: 132,999 Experience.


Total: 106,487 Experience.


Total: 70,000 Experience.


Total: 56,574 Experience.


Total: 95,125 Experience.


Total: 38,424 Experience.


Total: 47,350 Experience


Total: 76,012 Experience


Total: 69,500 Experience


Total: 128,562 Experience


Total: 121,100 Experience


Total: 97,181 Experience (not including the additional 10,000 from Spirit of Summer)


Total: 51,922 Experience


Total: 29,350 Experience


Total: 62,500 Experience


Total: 84,500 Experience


Total: 187,624 Experience


Total: 6,776 Experience


Total: 168,012 Experience


Total: 142,687 Experience

Skill choice

Upon completing the quest, players choose the skill that these rewards go towards. These rewards usually come in the form of items, like lamps or books.


  • Observatory Quest - This quest grants 875 experience in Attack, Strength, Defence, or Hitpoints, depending on which constellation you observed during the quest. (Some constellations do not give experience in any skill)
  • Swept away - This quest can give 10 to 990 xp in up to ten skills of the player's choice (Current skill level x10 per dose).
  • The Varrock Museum - After completing certain quests you can speak to Historian Minas and inform him of your discoveries and historical information. For this you will receive Kudos and at certain amounts of kudos you will receive lamps awarding small amounts of experience in any skill.
  • Nomad's Requiem - This quest rewards you with 70 Zeal Points, which can be spent on up to 537,600 Experience in Slayer or any Combat Skill excluding Summoning if it's at level 99. The lowest amount of experience it can be spent on is, theoretically, around 33,600 experience, but that is if the skill is at Level 1.


Some of the information in this section may have been made inaccurate due to a recent update. The information in this section is not promised to be correct at all times.

  • In order from highest to lowest of total xp per skill:
    • Agility - 189,426xp
    • Thieving - 154,012xp
    • Strength - 148,624xp
    • Crafting - 132,999xp
    • Magic - 126,262xp
    • Woodcutting - 122,687xp
    • Defence - 106,487xp
    • Prayer - 97,181xp
    • Mining - 91,100xp
    • Attack - 85,337xp
    • Smithing - 84,500xp
    • Hitpoints - 76,012xp
    • Firemaking - 65,125xp
    • Farming and Slayer - 60,000xp
    • Construction - 57,750xp
    • Herblore - 47,350xp
    • Cooking - 44,520xp
    • Hunter - 39,500xp
    • Fishing - 38,424xp
    • Fletching - 36,574xp
    • Runecrafting - 27,500xp
    • Ranged - 22,922xp
    • Summoning - 6,776xp
  • The highest experience reward given is from Chieftain Brundt after Blood Run's Deep quest. There are three allotments of 150,000 xp available, totalling 450K xp.
  • Right now, a player who has finished every quest in the game will have received between 2,936,443 xp and 2,946,243 xp from quests alone. The exact amount depends on what the level was in the skills the player chose to add experience to after Swept Away.
  • The quest experience is equivalent to level 83 in one skill or level 51 in all skills. It represents less than 1% of that required to get all skills to level 99 and approximately .06% of the maximum XP.
  • Currently, there is a total of 1,764,568 experience without a choice, and between 1,141,775 xp to 1,151,675 xp with a choice to be gained through questing. The difference in choice experience is due to Swept Away, which rewards its experience similarly to Experience lamps which are available after most Random Events.

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