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Quest objects are objects that are necessary for the completion of quests.

Quest Objects

Name Walkable Attributes Notes
Blooming Griffinclaw Image:Blooming Griffinclaw.gif no You can't move/take it. See also:
Dry Griffinclaw
Branch (Object) Image:Branch (Object).gif no This appears on top of a cart.
Bucket (Object) Image:Bucket (Object).gif no You can't move/take it. You can use Mead Horn on it to fill it up with Mead.
Cask of Brown Ale Image:Cask of Brown Ale.gif no You can't move/take it. A dwarf's skill in brewing ale is only exceeded by his ability to drink it.

When someone uses an Empty Beer Bottle on it, it sounds "GULP, GULP, GULP" and plays yellow music notes.

Crate (Xodet) Image:Crate (Xodet).gif ? You can't move/take it.
Dead Tree (Unusable) Image:Dead Tree (Unusable).gif no This appears for a few seconds after breaking a branch from a Usable Dead Tree.
<noinclude><spoiler>Part of The Beginning Quest.</spoiler></noinclude>
Dead Tree (Usable) Image:Dead Tree (Usable).gif no <noinclude><spoiler>Part of The Beginning Quest.</spoiler></noinclude>
Frostbite Herb (Object) Image:Frostbite Herb (Object).gif Unknown You can't move/take it. This plant can survive in the coldest of climates.
Honeyflower Patch Image:Honeyflower Patch.gif no Not movable. You can use it to get a Honey Flower.

Looks the same as a Honey Flower.

< noinclude>

<spoiler> Using it is the only way to get Honey Flowers on Rookgaard. Honey Flowers can be traded with Lee'Delle for a Studded Legs. See Studded Legs Quest. </spoiler>

Large Pile of Bones Image:Large Pile of Bones.gif no You can't move it but you can use it. It looks like a pile of bones from dead orcs. <noinclude>

<spoiler>You need to use it in the first mission of Unnatural Selection Quest.</spoiler>

Mammoth (Object) Image:Mammoth (Object).gif no You can't move/take it. This mammoth will not approach you on sight, nor attack you and cannot be attacked. <noinclude>

<spoiler>You need to drink 3 mugs of any booze (preferably mead) to knock it over in the third mission of the Barbarian Test Quest</spoiler>

Sturdy Chest Image:Sturdy Chest.gif no You can't move/take it. When you try open it with the correct item and fail, it sounds: "CRONK!" and produces yellow spark effect. If you succeed, it sounds: "CLICK!" and produces gray spark effect.

Looks the same as a chest.


<spoiler> Part of The Thieves Guild Quest, you need to use Lock Picks on it to get a Valuable Vase. </spoiler>

Wormhole File:Wormhole.gif no Rotworms dig long tunnels which end in a wormhole, looks almost the same as A Loose Stone Pile.
<noinclude><spoiler>Part of The Isle of Evil Quest (mission 4).</spoiler></noinclude>

See also other Objects.


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