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Quina secures a succulent frog.
"But, Master, frogs very good! Frogs here best! Better than Alexandria's."
—Quina, to Quale

The Qu's Marshes (ク族の沼, Ku-zoku no numa) are the home of Qu species, including Quina, and its master, Quale. They are exclusive to the world of Gaia in Final Fantasy IX. There are four Qu's Marshes in Gaia: One on the Mist Continent, one on the Outer Continent, and two on the Forgotten Continent. Apart from the Qu Clan, the marshes are inhabited by frogs, which are a Qu delicacy. In the Mist Continent Marsh, there is a tunnel called Fossil Roo that leads to the Outer Continent. If you have Quina in your party, when entering the part of the marsh where the frogs reside, you will be able to go Frog Catching (Quina eats the frog after catching it). Catching frogs has two advantages. First of all, each frog you catch powers up Quina's Blue Magic spell, Frog Drop. Second, if you collect enough frogs, Quina will receive an item for its hard work, by its master. The more frogs you catch, the better the item received. Catching 99 frogs will enable you to challenge Quina's master, Quale, who hands over Quina's ultimate weapon upon defeat.

Qu Marshes are home to two Moogles who act as a sort of help guide to players. Monsters also inhabit the swamplands, varying slightly between the four different marshes scattered across the world.


Monsters in Qu's Marshes


Mist Continent (Lachenta Wetlands)

Outer Continent (Donna Plains)

Forgotten Continent (Blairsurpass Plains)

Forgotten Continent (Lanar Island)

Advice on frog-catching

In some marshes, you will find a Golden frog. Do not catch it. Let him hop around with a female frog. If you return at a later time to the marsh where you saw the golden frog, you will notice that the frog has become a daddy. Catch all of the frogs except the golden one and a female. You will have 99 frogs in no time!

Even if you catch every frog in a marsh, the frogs will respawn over time, but more slowly than if some frogs remained. Letting the frogs breed is the only way to capture 99 frogs, as there are no more than 50 or so frogs in Gaia to start off with.

Frog Catching Prizes

  • 2 = Ore
  • 5 = Ether
  • 9 = Silk Robe
  • 15 = Elixir
  • 23 = Sliver Fork
  • 33 = Bistro Fork
  • 45 = Battle Boots
  • 99 = Fight Quale (win to receive Gastro Fork)

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