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North Qeynos Bridge

Qeynos was founded by human settlers during The Age of Enlightenment around a village on the Coldwind Coastline. The newly settled village was called Oceangreen, most likely in honor of the ample fishing on the coast and hunting in the plains that drew the villagers there in the first place. The location of Qeynos was chosen not only for its ability to feed the villagers and plains settlers, but also because of its defensibility against attack. It has been ruled by members of The Bayle Family since its founding.

Qeynos is named after the sword, the Qeynos Claymore. The word itself is an old Combine Empire-era slang term roughly translating to "manifest destiny for humanity."

The city was officially incorporated in 2890.

In addition to the three major proper districts (North, South, and Harbor), Qeynos is made up of many suburbs: The Willow Wood, home of the Wood Elves and Half Elves; Nettleville, where Humans and Kerrans have taken up residence; Starcrest Commune, where Erudites reside; Graystone Yard, home of the Dwarves and Barbarians; Castleview Hamlet, where the Frogloks and High Elves make their home; and The Baubbleshire, carefree home of Halflings and Gnomes.

Starting in GU54, Fae can start in Qeynos.

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