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Q, Time and Again is the second episode of the second season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.



The USS Swiftfire-A is caught in a time loop where the USS Swiftfire is destroyed and Captain Jonathan Masters seems to be the only one to realise. As he struggles to break the cycle and save his ship he is visited by a very unwelcome guest who offers to help.

Memorable quotes

"Then maybe things won’t follow the same path? You’ve already changed the events and Pavlo said that there is nothing even remotely wrong with either of the Warp cores and the chances of them both cascading at the same time is…how did he put it? ‘As likely as a Vulcan conquering the stand-up comedy circuit’, which is pretty low."
Doctor Murphy to Captain Masters.
"Much better. You humans are too soon to point weapons at other beings. Maybe if you extended a cute little animal like this you’d get on better with other species…with the exception of the Rytla. Humans tend to get a bit touchy when others species eat something they consider a cute domesticated pet."
Q after turning Captain Masters' phaser into a kitten.
"It’s not your time to die."
— Q's explanation for saving Captain Masters' life.

Background information

  • This is the second appearance of Q in the series, though it is Q's first appearance chronologically as the earlier written "The True" takes place several months after this story.
  • The story involves a Temporal causality loop that is very similiar to the one in the movie Groundhog Day.


Baines; Daley, Rachel; Dix; Dyson, Paul; Davis; Dutch; Jem'Hadar strike cruiser; Jigger; Kel'Tarna; Laris; Muir, John; Nairn, Jo; Normandy-class; Omori; Rytla; Stark; Stevens, Rachel; Task Force 59; Temporal causality loop

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