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The Pyramid of Moore
The top of Pyramid of Moore, where the first tablet is obtained.
The Pyramid of Moore in the World Map

The Pyramid of Moore, also known as just Pyramid, is a location in Final Fantasy V. First seen in the Desert of Shifting Sands, it houses one of the tablets needed to unseal the twelve legendary weapons in the Sealed Castle, as well as a lot of valuable treasure.



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After discovering that one of the Tablets lies inside the Pyramid of Moore, Bartz and his friends enter the dungeon, being halted by two Gargoyles at the entrance. At the deepest chamber, they find their first tablet, which unleashes Bahamut.

At the end of the game, when the four crystals are restored, the Crystal of Earth is placed here.


Name Location
Dark Matter Third Floor
Flame Shield Third Floor
White Robe Third Floor
Black Robe Fourth Floor
Elixir Fourth Floor
Thornlet Fourth Floor
Elixir Fourth Floor
Dark Matter Sixth Floor
Crystal Armor Sixth Floor
Dark Matter Sixth Floor
Dark Matter Sixth Floor
9000 Gil Sixth Floor
8000 Gil Sixth Floor
Gaia Hammer Seventh Floor
10000 Gil Seventh Floor
Elixir Seventh Floor
Protect Ring Eighth Floor
Gold Hairpin Eighth Floor
Ribbon Eighth Floor
12000 Gil Seventh Floor
Dark Matter Seventh Floor
Dark Matter Seventh Floor
Elixir Seventh Floor






"Slumber of the Ancient Earth" from Final Fantasy V
Image:FFV - Intention of the Earth.ogg
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The background theme that plays at the Pyramid of Moore is called "Slumber of the Ancient Earth".

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