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This article is about the "Purple cat" miniquest. For the item, please see Purple cat.

The Purple Cat miniquest is unlocked after the completion of the Swept Away quest, and was released during the 2008 Hallowe'en event.



Official quest description: A subquest of Swept Away.
Release date: 28 October 2008 (Update unknown) edit
Start: Wendy, near the crafting guild.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Short
Members only: Yes, but a free player can attempt it. However, once they reach the chest containing the Magic unguent, Lottie will tell you to collect the unguent on a members world. Previously, the unguent could be taken to Wendy, but there would be no cats for the player to dye purple because they are members-only.
Requirements: Gertrude's Cat, Swept Away
Items needed: None
Monsters to kill: None

WARNING: If you bring your Hellcat of any kind to become dyed, Wendy will tell you that it will be REVERTED to a NORMAL CAT. TAKE CAUTION! Also, be sure to read the note at the end prior to turning a lazy/wily cat purple.


The map of Betty's basement.

Starting off

The puzzle (Take two)

  • This is essentially a smaller puzzle box, see the Treasure Trail Puzzle box guide, and can be solved using the same methods. By solving one of the vertical columns the rest is no different than the first puzzle.
Original positions
File:Bat (item).png
File:blackbird (item).png
(aka blackbird)
File:Reptile (item).png
(aka Lizard)
File:Spider (item).png
File:Snail (item).png
File:Rat (item).png

Puzzle solution

The final positions of the creatures. Note: that is how it looks like if you are south.
  1. Blackbird to empty holding pen
  2. Reptile to Blackbird pen
  3. Rat to Rat pen
  4. Snail to Reptile pen
  5. Spider to Spider pen
  6. Bat to Snail pen
  7. Reptile to Bat pen
  8. Spider to Blackbird pen
  9. Snail to Spider pen
  10. Rat to Reptile pen
  11. Spider to Rat pen
  12. Reptile to Blackbird pen
  13. Bat to Bat pen
  14. Snail to Snail pen
  15. Reptile to Spider pen
  16. Spider to Blackbird pen
  17. Rat to Rat pen
  18. Reptile to Reptile pen
  19. Spider to Spider pen
  20. Blackbird to Blackbird pen

Finishing up

  • Once the puzzle has been solved, open the chest to obtain a vial of Magic unguent.
  • Take this back to Wendy, along with a cat, to dye your cat purple.

Note: If you try to use a hellcat, you will receive a warning message saying that the potion will tame your cat and it will be "de-helled." You can repeatedly take your cats to be made purple without having to re-obtain the unguent. This will also work with kittens.

Congratulations, miniquest complete!


  • Magic unguent Vial of purple magic unguent.
  • The ability to turn a cat's colour purple. A purple cat seen following a player.
  • Talk to Wendy after this to turn your cat purple any time and as many times as you want!

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