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Planet of origin

Yavin 8

Average length

1 meter body
2 meters with 8 legs

Skin color


Eye color


  • 4 barbed pincers on mouth
  • Black web
  • Yellow saliva

The purella was a large predator native to the moon Yavin 8. It was a large, bristle-haired spider with glowing orange eyes. It had a red body, yellow saliva, and four barbed pincers. The purella trapped its prey in a thick, black web and would then slowly eat them. The purella preyed on the sapient Melodies, though it was also prey in turn to the giant bird-like avrils, which were on the top of the moon's food chain.

During their adventure within the mountains on the moon, Human Jedi trainees Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila faced one of these creatures during their attempts to find ancient Massassi carvings holding the key to breaking the curse of the Golden Globe and freeing the countless trapped Massassi souls within.


  • Junior Jedi Knights: Lyric's World (First appearance)
  • Junior Jedi Knights: Promises (Mentioned only)
  • Edge of Victory I: Conquest (Mentioned only)
  • Betrayal (Mentioned only)


Purella and its web.

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