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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

Pull refers to a mechanism of crowd and Aggro (or "hate") control. When pulling a monster,

  1. You first want to draw the attention of one (and only one) encounter to yourself.
    • Encounter may consist of a single mob or a linked group.
  2. After this, you try to quickly draw him away from other aggressive monsters nearby to a safe spot.
    • Safe spot is somewhere where there aren't other aggressive monsters nearby and where no aggressive roamers will come to.

This way, you or your group will only need to handle one encounter at a time. Any pull may fail, which means it will draw more attention than was intended, sometimes leading to a wipe.

Often, only a specific pull will work for a specific room or encounter. There are several types of pulls:

  1. A body pull, often the most safe bet, where you slowly advance to a specific encounter, possibly jumping up and down to draw the monsters' attention, and then quickly retreat once the encounter spots you.
    • This pull is typically performed by the Main Tank, who draws the encounter near to but not too near to casters and healers, and right next to melee attackers.
    • If you have a pet, make sure the pet is not protecting either you or itself. Otherwise, the pet will stay where the aggro is, quickly drawing attention to itself from other encounters nearby.
  2. A pet pull, where you send your pet to attack the encounter, and then quickly call him back to yourself.
    • The Call Servant ability is handy for quickly drawing the pet back; the /pet backoff command is a must. If your pet is a tank pet, you can send the pet back again when the encounter arrives nearby.
  3. A bow pull, often performed by the Main Tank, who will shoot the encounter from a distance to draw its attention. You can also perform an analogous pull with any other ranged attack.

A room pull refers to an either intended or unintentional pulling of an entire room. If the main tank can take lots of hits and the group has lots of area of effect spells or damaging abilities, this may be a handy way to kill monsters more quickly.

A zone pull refers to trying to pull as much of the zone (typically instanced zone) as possible somewhere. It is analogous to room pulls, with only the amount of simultaneous encounters being larger.


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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

Sometimes referred to as "luring", pulling means carefully approaching a large group of mobs with intent of aggroing only a small amount of them, preferably one. In Guild Wars, enemies have a tendency to cluster together in large groups that can quickly overwhelm even a powerful, experienced party with their superior numbers. The objective of pulling is to split up these large groups into more manageable portions.

A typical pull is done by either a Ranger or a Warrior using either a longbow or a flatbow so as to be able to hit the enemy at a significant range. This allows the group to select the most effective group to pull without dragging any unwanted groups along. To initiate the pull, the puller selects one monster in the targeted mob. As soon as the arrow leaves the bow, the puller rushes back to where the group is waiting, thus setting up the front-line Warriors, Assassins and Dervishes in the group to deal with the incoming mob. Pulling melee classes such as Warriors is preferred as they must come close to deal damage whereas Elementalists, Necromancers, Paragons, Ritualists, Rangers, Monks, and Mesmers are capable of attacking at range.

It should be noted that more crude forms of pulling can be done by other classes using a wand or staff though it is less effective as the range between the enemy mob and your own group will be minimal. An even more basic pull can be acomplished by simply walking into an enemy's aggro circle and then running back. An experienced puller can draw a small number of enemies away from the rest, towards their party waiting a short distance away, making for a much more manageable fight.

Even the most careful of pulls can be thwarted by the use of henchmen, pets, or minions who have a tendency to rush forward and attack the closest target. It is advisable to keep any ally with minions or pets towards the rear of the group during the pull and have them move forward after it is completed. henchmen and heroes can be ordered to stand back by a flag. Heroes can also be temporarily set to "Avoid Combat".

Most groups in the game are easy to lure, though it can be more difficult against certain mob groups such as Hydras or Minotaurs which tend to move quickly and unpredictably. Some groups tend to follow for only a short distance before returning to their original location. The only way to pull these groups is to wait for the enemies to get just inside your aggro circle before running back to your group.

The biggest problem with pulling is deciding if a group is a patrol group or a stationary group. Stationary groups spawn in one location and stay there unless otherwise attacked. Patrol groups will traverse the instance area along a set path. It is advisable to study an area for patrol groups before making a pull because they have a tendency to cross paths with stationary groups while on patrol, thus doubling or even tripling the number of enemies that will come running if attacked. On most occasions, the patrol group will head off in another direction leaving the stationary group behind. Just be sure that it isn't heading your way; if it is, just back up and pull them away from the stationary group.


  • Remember that any class can equip and use a bow. Guild Wars lets you create various Weapon Sets between which you can cycle on the fly. Toggle to your bow, pull, and then toggle back to your primary weapon set. This is very useful for pulling when you are traveling with AI companions.

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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

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Halo 3

Pull! is a new Halo 3 Achievement that is gained by getting a Shotgun Spree medal on Citadel, one of the Mythic Maps in either a ranked or a social playlist. It is worth 25 Gamerpoints. The shotgun can be found where there is a ramp going upwards, then you should be able to see an energy drain. Take the entrance to the left. On the left side of the ramp there should be a shotgun.

It is represented by a silver four-pointed star with three blue Shotgun shells inside. This is the icon of a Shotgun Spree.


  • The name of this achievement is most likely a reference to skeet or trap shooting, where clay pigeons are launched into the air when the shooter says "Pull!" The shooter is generally armed with a Shotgun, due to spread shot.
  • This achievement can not be earned by the famous "shoot then hit" combo many people use while carrying the shotgun. Instead the player must use nothing but the bullets from the gun to kill another player.

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki



  1. A strategy of bringing one or two enemies away from a larger group of enemies with the intention of avoiding fighting the large group of enemies at once.


The strategy and mechanics of pulling have undergone a variety of changes as the Developers modify aspect of the game engine. Generally, a player can pull a Minion class enemy (or lower) without causing aggro on the remainder of a group. The chance of pulling rapidly drops if attempted on a Lieutenant, and seems to be impossible for Boss class or above.

Different factors seem to influence the chance of pulling, the "failure" of which results in the whole mob being aggro'ed to the person who pulled. Factors such as line-of-sight between the target and its associated group, proximity (distance) of the target to its group and if the group is moving seem to have the greatest impact on the chance of a successful pull. Using a sniper attack generally has the best chance (and allows the player to be further away should the pull fail), whereas AoE attacks will, by their very nature, almost inevitably fail to pull successfully.

Additionally, the use of a Debuff power seems to be more effective in pulling single foes, unless the power has a Targeted AoE component (like Lingering Radiation or Darkest Night) which often results in a failed pull.

Nonetheless, AoE pulling may become an acceptable, or even preferable, tactic under certain conditions. On a densely populated map, pulling a single group away from an area with many groups becomes the mass equivalent of pulling a single enemy away from a group, and similarly helps reduce the chances of 'adds'.

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