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Psychometry is the ability to sense the impression of past events, thoughts or emotions: the stronger the emotion, the clearer the psychic impression. Traditionally, people using psychometry touch an object and have an image of the past of that object come into their mind. It has something of the quality of time travel.

Professor Herbert Clegg demonstrated his psychic powers for the Doctor by using psychometry on the sonic screwdriver and a crystal taken from Metebelis III. In the first instance he saw Drashigs. On the second instance, the images of the Eight Legs frightened Clegg so much that he died of heart failure. (DW: Planet of the Spiders)

Natural psychometry may have a relationship to clairvoyance and time sensitivity.

Though inanimate, the quantum transducer functioned in a similar way. The past-reading half of the device (the other part relayed images from the future) amplified the quantum "record" of past events to such a degree that the user could hear and see them as if experiencing them directly. (TW: Ghost Machine)

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From Marvel Database

Psychometry is the ability for someone to divine information about an object or living subject, simply by coming into close contact with it or something associated with said object or subject (something/someone contacted or used by the subject, etc.). Some with the ability can even act as mediums for residual energies and, as such, can experience talents or memories temporarily from touching an object previously owned by someone else, or tell the past or future of a subject by touching an object owned by or asociated with the subject. This ability is sometimes confused with clairsentience.


For a list of characters who can use psychometry, see Category:Psychometry.

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Quinlan Vos uses psychometry to read a sniper droid's rifle.

Psychometry or telemetry was a Force power that was a mental technique of picking up impressions and traces of information about the object touched and the events that have surrounded it. This power allowed the user to view events as if they were there, including the sights, sounds, and feelings, both emotional and physical, that the wielder of the object experienced. This power was easier to use on personal objects that were used frequently. Objects that were used once or by several people often made the use of this power difficult, though it was still possible. This skill was useful for tracking though it was not useful in open battle and would fail to render useful information at times.

About one in one hundred Kiffar were able to use this power. The Vos line of Kiffar had more than their share of psychometrically-abled Kiffar. Most with this ability became Kiffu Guardians. Quinlan Vos often used psychometry, being the Kiffar of his time most skilled at it. The power could taint the user if the object had been used to execute dark side related actions, like murder. Use of the dark side enabled possessors of the power to use it on living beings, ripping memories from their brains.

The Jedi Council strongly discouraged the use of psychometry on dead bodies as the emotions prior to a violent death are so strong that the deceased would have likely brushed with the dark side. This endangered Jedi by exposing them to these powerful emotions. Additionally, at the time of the Invasion of Naboo, the Jedi Council frowned upon excessive use of this power, as it allowed the user to experience intense emotions, which might make him more susceptible to the dark side of the Force. Extreme cases caused the psychometric's mind to become trapped, and rarer still, cause death.

The Dark Jedi Boc Aseca was adept with this skill.

When Leia Organa was kidnapped by Han Solo as part of an attempt to woo her, Luke Skywalker used this ability to track Han's emotional "scent" to the casino where he had won the planet Dathomir from the Drackmarian Warlord Omogg.

Behind the scenes

The concept of psychometry has existed for centuries. Though deemed a pseudoscience by some, it is widely practiced by paranormal investigators.




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