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For the character from the Fallout Tactics demo, see Psycho (character).

Psycho appears to be a form of injected drug composed of strange, unknown chemicals of military origin, that comes with its own unique delivery system. One canister contains a mixture of speed and heroin. It was designed at the orders of General Constantine Chase and is supposed to increase the combat potential of a soldier, whilst dampening higher mental functions, making for fearless, but uncontrollable troops.[1]


Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics

effects: Immediate:
+3 Agility
-3 Intelligence
+50 Damage Resistance
After 4 Hours:
-3 Agility
+1 Intelligence
-25 Damage Resistance
After 8 Hours:
No effect on Agility
+2 Intelligence
-25 Damage Resistance
addiction: 20% Chance of Addiction
Effects for 1 Week, starting after 7 days
-2 Intelligence
weight: 0
value: $400

Psycho has another beneficial effect not intended by the programmers. When taken, it reduces Intelligence by 3. This can be exploited to boost your skill points. First, raise a skill to the point it needs two skill points to be increased, then level up. When you level up, take two to reduce your Intelligence greatly. This will correspondingly lower your skills involving Intelligence (Science, Repair, Outdoorsman, Doctor, etc). Now allocate your skill points to the skill you want raised - since the skill's value has been lowered, it will take only one skill point to do so. Then rest for a few hours. When the Psycho wears off, Intelligence will be restored, and the skill will be given a significant boost. This is particularly useful for getting a 121% Science skill to recruit Skynet without taking Mentats or wasting too many skill points.

Fallout 3

effects: Damage +25%
addiction: Psycho Addiction
weight: 0
value: 20
base id: 15166

Psycho is very common in the Capital Wasteland. It is sometimes sold secretly, requiring dialogue and possibly a speech check to convince the proprietor. There are around 60 in set locations in every game.



Sometimes the damage counter in the pip-boy 3000 will partially be affected by the 25% damage bonus, making weapons look more effective than they are in reality. With the other damage modifying perks, Ghoul Ecology and Superior Defender from Point Lookout, unlucky players can get the Xuanlong Assault Rifle standard 64 damage titled so much that it can show up to 180 damage on the pip boy. (Confirmed on 360)

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Psycho appears in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout Tactics and the cancelled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2.


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Luana Treftite
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Galactic Empire

"I haven't got my whole life to spend watching you annoy her into submission."
―Luana Treftite, to her interrogation officer

Major Luana Teftite was an Imperial Army commander in charge of their hidden garrison on Zelos II. She captured two Rebels but failed to contain them and was forced to reveal the base to the local governor. This subsequently led to Imperial expulsion from the planet.



Imperial rise

Luana Treftite was a Human female with a cold beauty. She had icy blue eyes and pale skin and her blonde hair was tied up in a bun.[1]

Growing up, her parents were loyal to the Old Republic and Luana herself was attracted to the ways of the Jedi Knights. She attempted to study their ways, but was too ambitious and impatient to master her will as required. Instead, her lust for power attracted her to the Galactic Empire, and she rejected her parents’ views for the allure of the New Order.[1]

In the Imperial military, Treftite rose to the rank of major and was appointed garrison commander on Zelos II. The Imperial base was kept a secret from the locals, hidden in the Valley of Umbra. It was said to be home to walking dead—in fact, local worms did simulate electric stimuli in corpses that caused them to walk. This macabre phenomenon delighted Treftite, for it terrified the local populace. She frequently sent disguised intelligence personnel into the capital city of Kryndyn to check on visitors to the planet. Overall, Treftite garrison was poorly maintained and sloppy, and Luana desired a more prestigious post.[1]

Failure on Zelos II

Around two months after the Battle of Endor, Treftite happened upon an opportunity to acquire such a post when her troops discovered a team of Rebel Alliance operatives investigating her base. This team was swiftly defeated; the one surviving woman, Jai Raventhorn, was taken captive. Shortly afterwards, another man investigating the rebels disappearance, Dirk Harkness, was also captured. Treftite took personal interest in their interrogation, overseeing the round black interrogation droid as it went about its work. Both proved remarkably resistant but Treftite continued to torture them for her own personal enjoyment.[2]

Jai Raventhorn holds Treftite hostage.

Treftite was unable to capitalize on her captures, however, and she made a fatal error while interrogating Raventhorn. After four days of ineffective interrogation, the major decided to get at Raventhorn by torturing Harkness. She announced this plan in front of Raventhorn, which gave the Rebel operative enough motivation to spring up and grab Treftite's blaster. Taking her captive, Raventhorn forced her to call the Zelosian governor, Galleros Nul, and reveal the secret Imperial base. Proceeding out of the interrogation block with Treftite as her hostage, Raventhorn encountered Dirk Harkness and his two companions who had infiltrated the garrison in an attempt to rescue him. The infiltrators, Platt Okeefe and Trueb Cholakk, had caught the garrison off guard, but by this point they had organized themselves and surrounded the escaping Rebels.[2]

However, with their major taken hostage, and the threat of an impending air raid, the Imperial troops fled the base, allowing the rebels to escape in Treftite's own shuttle. She was then handed to over to the Rebel Alliance. Zelos II also joined the Rebel Alliance in reaction to revealed Imperial presence.[2]



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