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Dr Who

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Psychic powers were made possible by by the conscious or unconscious manipulation of psychic energy.



Originally related to magic, and still understood as such in many cultures, psychic abilities survived the Time Lords' imposition of the laws of physics on the universe through being sufficiently grounded in science (NA: So Vile a Sin).

Causes of Psychic Ability

Natural Racial Abilities

Some species were innately psychically active - in some cases it was very unusual for an individual of a given species not to manifest psi-powers. These powers could be of any type - for instance, the Butterfly People appeared to be innately telepathic, (TW: Greeks Bearing Gifts) while it has been strongly implied that some Daleks possessed some degree of psychokinesis. (DW: Death to the Daleks)

In some cases it is difficult to tell whether the powers displayed by an individual were unusual for a member of their race or not. The Doctor and Susan both displayed telepathic abilities, but most Time Lords did not.

Although the doctor said on many occasions that Time Lords are telepathic and in another story he said his teacher taught him telepathy

Many races had highly unusual innate abilities, but it is often difficult to tell whether these powers were truly psychic (involved the manipulation of psychic energy) or not.

Innate psychic ability in humans is rare, but not unknown. Most humans do have at least some latent psychic potential. Significant individuals (such as William Shakespeare), have shown enough latent psychic ability to see psychic paper as blank. This ability may be due to an extra synaptic engram in the brain, which has been seen in the case of individuals with mild telepathic abilities such as Tim Latimer. Torchwood 1 personnel had been given basic psychic training, also giving them this ability.

The Pyroviles also had psychic powers, and were able to give them to humans, which they did to the Sibylline Sisterhood. (DW: The Fires of Pompeii)

Mutation Due to External Factors

In species that were not normally psi-active, powers could nevertheless still appear given the right stimuli. Humans living near a Time rift may develop psychic abilities, which may vanish if the rift is sealed. Prolonged exposure to a Metebelis crystal may also result in psychic powers.

It is not known whether the psychic ability of the Daleks was a direct result of Davros's genetic manipulation, a natural result of the process of mutation, or a freak consequence of the combination of both (the original Kaleds did not appear psychically active).

Types of Psychic Ability

See individual articles for full descriptions.

Sensory Abilities

  • Telepathy
  • Clairvoyance (also known as Extra-Sensory Perception)
  • Precognition
  • Psychometry
    • Time-sensitivity: the ability to sense disruptions in time and/or reality, or to detect that a given object or person is or has been displaced in time.

Manipulative Abilities

Artificial Psychic Phenomena

Psychic energy was normally only produced by living minds, which made it (and the powers utilising it) difficult to study or replicate using conventional technological means.

However, a number of devices were constructed to facilitate or mimic natural psychic powers.

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From The Vault

A psyker is a person who posses a certain paranormal power either from FEV like the master's experiments and Melchior, Radiation like the Beastlords, natural selection like Hakunin or 200 years of seclusion in a glass jar like Professor Calvert.



After being dipped in FEV vats, absorbing some other people and being connected to the LA Vault computer, the Master gained some psychic powers the extent of which is unknown. He was able to attack humans mentally, although his attacks could be repelled with proper training. The Master was able to somehow bring forth psychic abilities in certain humans after they were injected with FEV (usually the pineal gland, but also the Amygdala or Medula), but most of the experiments were failures (resulting in insanity) or used to line the corridor of revulsion. There were four psykers in the Master's lair:

  • Wiggum was electrokinetic-dominant,
  • Lucy was telekinetic-dominant and a minor photokinetic,
  • Moore was pyrokinetic-dominant,
  • Gideon was a receiving-telepathic-dominant (without the ability to control his telepathy, requiring the psychic nullifier to block incoming thoughts) with minor photokinetic abilities.

All four of them died when the Cathedral was vaporized in nuclear fire.

Fallout 2

  • Hakunin, the Arroyo shaman, apparently also possessed some telepathic abilities, as he was able to speak to Chosen One in his dreams (Chosen One was able to receive it and record it with his PIP Boy),
  • Melchior, miner from Redding, was able to summon dangerous animals (deathclaws, fire geckos, mole rats), when he became mutated by FEV in Mariposa Military Base.

Fallout 3

  • Professor Calvert - one of the residents of Point Lookout, he achieved psyonic powers after an experimental procedure. When his brain was extracted from his body (in the same fashion as for Robobrain models) and put into a jar, he gained an ability to communicate with people all around the region by entering their minds. To a person, it appeared like a mysterious voice in their head.
  • Bloomseer Poplar - is one of the members of the Treeminders and can predict your future, she describes the settings of some of the major quests you can do like The Superhuman Gambit, "I see a battle between insects and industry, and the men who control them...".

Fallout Tactics

The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.
  • A group of tribals known as the Beastlords had a kind of psychic control over animals.


The ability to resist the Master's psychic attacks is represented in the SPECIAL system by the Mental Block perk.

Appearances in games

Some kind of psychic powers appears in every Fallout game, although Chris Avellone would prefer for it to be gone from the setting, as stated in Fallout Bible 3. Avellone says:

For Fallout fan-fiction purposes, you are welcome to make use of the psykers and their potential from Fallout 1, but I'd be careful - the psykers in Fallout 1 show some pretty over-the-top mutations that could take the world to Childhood's End faster than you can say "uh, his eyes are glowing?"


Information on Fallout psykers comes from Chris Avellone's Fallout Bible 3.

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Psychic (サイキッカー Saikikkā) or Psychiccer is a Dressphere that appears in the International + Last Mission version of Final Fantasy X-2. The girls wear school uniforms and stylized futuristic goggles. As the name suggests, Psychic utilizes mental energy and the law of physics to engage in combat. The icon for this dressphere is a lightning bolt.

"Pure energy... a power beyond all human knowledge!!"
"Prepare to meet your doom!!"
"If you think you're going to survive, think again."



NB! Abilities written in bold/italic are passive abilities. All other abilities are active

Name Description AP to learn MP to cast Required
Attack Attack one target. N/A N/A
Psycho Bomb Inflicts physical damage on all members in target party, ignores Protect and targets' DEF stat. 0 10
Telekinesis Attempts to eject target from battle. 30 12 Mazer Eye
Mazer Eye Inflicts physical damage on one target. 30 18
Brain Storm Inflicts Confuse and Silence on all enemies. 30 18 Telekinesis
Time Trip Everything stops except for user, ATB bar is stopped for 10 seconds; during this time user is free to input any command she likes, User cannot change Dressphere during Time Trip. 100 20 Teleportation
Express User is granted Haste and also increases Accuracy and Evasion by +10 levels. 40 20
Magic Guard User benefits from Null Magic status, becoming temporarily immune to any and all magic-type attacks. 80 28 Gravity Eater
Physics Guard User benefits from Null Physical status, becoming temporarily immune to any and all physical-type attacks. 80 28 Magic Guard
Teleportation User teleports herself behind the back of selected target. 30 0 Express
Excellence User benefits from Invincibility status, becoming immune to any type of damage; however, she can still be affected by status changes. 120 0 Physics Guard
Fire Eater User absorbs any type of Fire damage as HP recovery. 20 0
Ice Eater User absorbs any type of Ice damage as HP recovery. 20 0
Lightning Eater User absorbs any type of Lightning damage as HP recovery. 20 0
Water Eater User absorbs any type of Water damage as HP recovery. 20 0
Gravity Eater User absorbs any type of Gravity damage as HP recovery. 40 0 Fire Eater, Ice Eater, Lightning Eater, Water Eater


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From Lostpedia

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Psychic may refer to:

It may also refer to:

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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

This new type was released in The Duelist Genesis. The Psychic types seen so far often resemble robots or cyborgs, and often feature elements of cyberspace, circuit board patterns, and yellow electricity in their art. It's worth to note that many Psychic-type monsters resemble what in the past were Machines or Fiends (most noticeably Jinzo and its branch). The majority of their effects and support cards require Life Point payment. However, some recover Life Points. Some have both. Those include:

Notable Psychic-Type Monsters
* Teleki Attacker
Support Cards
* Psychic Impulse
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