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Final Fantasy V Enemy
Level HP MP
23 5,000 1,000
Strength Magic
33 10
Defense M. Defense Evasion
100 1,000 0
2,000 0
Japanese プロトタイプ
Romaji Purototaipu
RPGe Name Prototype
PS Name Prototype
GBA Name Prototype
Location World Map, two islands southwest of Crescent
Type Nothing
Steal Ether
Item Dropped Dark Matter
Abilities Blaster, Critical Attack, Flamethrower, Missile, Mustard Bomb, Self-Destruct
Blue Magic Flamethrower, Self-Destruct
Control Attack, Self-Destruct, Flamethrower
Catch Mega Flare
Weak Against Nothing
Immune to Nothing
Absorbs Nothing
Status Immunity Poison, Mini, Toad, Death, Confuse, Paralyze, Old, Sleep, Stop

The Prototype is an enemy in Final Fantasy V. It is one of the better EXP farms in World 1 as it and only it appears on one specific island and awards high EXP and AP for that early part of the game. It also drops valuable Dark Matters that can be used for mixing powerful concoctions. They can be killed easily by using Control and then Self-Destruct. If the player catches it and releases it, it will cast Mega Flare.

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