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Proton cannon
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Rise of the Empire era


The Proton cannon was a long-range mobile artillery unit used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.



The gun was operated by one B1 battle droid in a side-seat. It didn't have an automatic reloading chamber, so shells had to be manually loaded by at least two battle droids before each shot. The shells packed enough punch that a single hit could deal considerable damage to an Acclamator-class assault ship or completely destroy a LAAT/i.

The artillery piece, resembling a flak gun, was mounted on top of four legs, similar to those of Advanced dwarf spider droids, which allowed it to move around the battlefield, though its turn rate was quite slow.


These units were used during the Battle of Ryloth in 22 BBY, where they fired upon the Republic invasion force. Three of them took out a ship in a matter of seconds.

Mace Windu had to retreat because they were doing so much damage to their ships, they could not make a direct assault due to the droid force using Twi'leks as a living shield. Soon they got back at them and attacked, with Obi-Wan Kenobi taking control of one of the cannons and destroying all other cannons with help from Waxer and Boil. But his cannon was destroyed by a Tactical droid in an AAT. The Twi'leks then revolted and destroyed the last of the droid forces.

The proton cannons would later be used during the Second Battle of Geonosis where they destroyed many Republic LAAT/i and LAAT/c gunships.




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