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A proton bomb.
"Proton bombs in the chute"
NB-1S Royal Bomber pilot

The proton bomb, space bomb, or heavy space bomb, was a large energy explosive device used in space combat and orbital bombardment. They were most effective against fixed or slow moving targets such as fortifications, space stations, and capital ships. These energy weapons often emitted the signature blue "glow" of proton torpedoes. Handheld explosives were termed proton grenades.

The bomb was at least twice as powerful as the heavy rocket, though its self-propulsion was very weak and relied upon the inertia of the fighter deploying it. As it took a long time to travel to its destination, many pilots chose to release them close to their target, though this tactic carried the risk of being exposed to enemy fire. The proton torpedo and concussion missile were significantly less powerful compared to the rocket and bomb.



A TIE proton bomb.

In 3,951 BBY, Canderous Ordo, the first Mandalore following the Mandalorian Wars, destroyed the Ravager with four proton core bombs after battling Darth Nihilus beside the Jedi Exile.

BTL Y-wing starfighters could be armed with proton bombs, as were the NB-1S Royal Bombers used by the Royal Naboo Security Forces.[1]

During the Battle of Geonosis, Galactic Republic frigates launched space bombs on droid surface emplacements and large orbital space stations.

Many Imperial Navy starfighters with general purpose warhead launchers, such as the TIE/sa bomber, could carry proton bombs. One such orbital bombardment was when they destroyed the Halanit colony's dome. Maarek Stele led a squadron of bomb-armed TIE Avengers to neutralize the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Akaga, the latter which was send on a mission by Harkov's forces to destroy the Interdictor Harpax.

Borsk Fey'lya used a proton bomb kept in his office to destroy the Imperial Palace, taking the lives of twenty-five thousand Yuuzhan Vong warriors—and his own.


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