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Final Fantasy IV Enemy
Level HP
99 400,000
2,000,000 99,999
Japanese プロトバブイル
Romaji Puroto Babuiru
Location Red Moon
Steal Megalixir
Common Drop None
Uncommon Drop None
Rare Drop None
Very Rare Drop None
Abilities Ninth Dimension, Light of Babil, Heal, Divine Judgment, Laser Barrage, Object 199
Weak Against None
Resistant to None
Immune to All except Cry, Slow, and Sap
Absorbs None

Proto-Babil, along with Geryon, is one of the two new superbosses created for the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV. It can only be fought if the player stole the Dark Matter item from Zeromus on their previous playthrough and uses it on the face on the moon's surface. As its name implies, it is a prototype of the Giant of Babil.


Proto-Babil is equipped with several of the most powerful attacks in the game, including several new tricks. Initially, it can use the Trap Door's Ninth Dimension for an instant kill (though this is easily dodged by way of Adamant Armor), along with a new move, Light of Babil. This attack will do incredible amounts of damage to anyone, likely doing 9,999 regardless of Adamant Armor use. It will also sometimes counter attacks and magic with the CPU's Laser Barrage.

Once you have done 280,000 points of damage to Proto-Babil, its attack pattern will change. It will randomly either use Heal to recover over 20,000 HP, or it will use its ultimate attack, Divine Judgment, to do 6,000+ points of damage to the entire party. It will also sometimes counter attacks with Object 199.

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