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variations: Metro Protectron
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Enclave variant

Protectron is a pre-war robot type, shaped per the classic Robbie the Robot model. Their primary function seems to be protection, their secondary programming is very modular and they can do many things from being greeters, to ticket-takers and bartenders, to even functioning as celebrity/historical figure impersonators. They were created by the RobCo corporation.

Many Protectrons in various areas have been programmed differently; the Protectrons within the Nuka-Cola Factory, for example, mention that they are operating under the authority of Nuka-Cola as they attack you, with the words "Nuka-Cola!" being dubbed in from an exterior source. Other Protectrons have even been supplied with sophisticated personalities, such as the one guarding The National Archives, but these are the exception rather than the rule.

Many Protectron robots were commissioned by the U.S. Army before the Great War. They are painted a dark olive drab with the Army's white star on their chest. The Lone Wanderer will encounter these mechanized soldiers still wandering the wastes, attacking everything from Radroaches to Brotherhood Outcasts. Interestingly, you will also see the Brotherhood Outcasts using their own Protectrons, which have a Orange-and-Black-flecked paint job. The Pitt adds a new variety of Protectron called the Factory Protectron (not to be confused with Factory Protectrons in the original Fallout 3), which lacks a glass dome but possesses a singular ocular lense, and Broken Steel adds Enclave Protectrons, appearing much more new and having red glass domes with a steel-grey finish.


Combat Statistics

SPECIAL Level Hit Points XP Combat skill Attack damage Special damage
ST, 4 PE, 5 EN, 5 CH, 5 IN, 5 AG, 5 LK 3 75 5 50 2 -

Protectrons are one of the weaker robots in Fallout 3 and can be destroyed with most mid-level weapons or explosives (such as grenades). Despite being somewhat more durable than the typical raider, their poor armor means their lifespan is likely to be quite short.

They have three laser weapons built into their frame, one in each arm and another one in their head. They are hardly the best shots, although sustained fire can put a dent in the player character's health.

Protectrons drop Energy Cells when destroyed. They may also drop Scrap Metal and/or Fission Batteries.


Protectron robots appear only in Fallout 3.


"Warning. A dangerous fugitive is on the loose. Do not attempt to apprehend." -While searching for enemies.

"Attention. Fugitive is armed and dangerous." -when searching for enemies.

"Hold it... right... there..." (said slowly and exaggerated, hence the ellipses) upon hostile encounter.

"Do not be alarmed. Law and order will be restored shortly." -When attacking enemies.

"Violence will not be tolerated." -When attacking an enemy.

"Please clear the area until peace has been restored." -When attacking an enemy.

"Firing weapons." -When attacking an enemy.

"Please take cover until the enemy is eliminated." -When attacking an enemy.

"Hostile detected". -When finding an enemy

"Do not make any more escape attempts, criminal." -When finding a lost enemy.

"Law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear." -When searching for enemies.

"Please stand clear. This is a free fire zone." -When attacking enemies.

"Put down your weapons and submit to authority." -When attacking enemies.

"Critters of unusual size detected." -When engaging Deathclaws.

"Area secure." -When defeating/losing an enemy.

"Surrender... accepted." -When attacking and putting weapon away.

"Multiple failures de-" -When dying.

"Failure state". -when dying.

"Unable to contin-". -When dying.

"Move...Along...Please" -When a player character stands idle near one.

Named Protectron robots


Factory Protectron


Physics glitch
  • Protectrons are known to have physics glitches when laying dead in ragdoll mode, specifically when transiting from a cell via doorway into one with a dead Protectron in it, or when loading a saved game with a dead Protectron in the vicinity. When it happens, they get flung high into the air.
  • When you kill a Protectron by shooting its head, but it doesn't explode, but it will never stop rolling on the floor. Even if you pick it up and put it on the flat side, it just rolls over again
  • In the RobCo Facility the robots can spawn with their combat inhibitor floating in the air.
  • In The Pitt the Protectron may occasionally get "stuck" in the floor violently seizing and causing a loud ruckus which is quite annoying. As a matter of fact, this can happen in most buildings. Common places for this glitch are the Statesman Hotel and the National Guard Depot.

Behind the scenes

Protectrons are modeled after Robby the Robot.


Robots in the Fallout games

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