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Protect from Magic
Members only? No
Level 37
Drain rate 1 point every 3 seconds
Effect Protection from Magic attacks.
A player with the mage prayer on.

Protect from Magic is a Prayer accessible at level 37 . When used, the player becomes immune to most Magic attacks used by monsters and receives a 40% damage reduction from other players' magic attacks. Some players combine this spell with armour that has strong resistance to magic, thus giving maximum protection. It also reduces the effect of spells by 50%. (e.g., a 10 second binding spell lasts for 5 seconds, and a 5 minute teleblock only lasts for 2.5 minutes.) Note that the holding time of Ancient Magicks ice spells is not affected by this prayer, though the damage is still reduced. Players using this prayer have an image of a magical spell above their character.

One relatively unknown use of this prayer is protection against dragon's breath. While it is not as effective as an Anti-dragon shield or an Anti-fire potion, it usually allows a player to survive a surprise attack by a dragon long enough to get away. When attacked by a dragon's breath and using this prayer, the chatbox informs the player that "Your prayers help resist some of the dragonfire!" This prayer does not, however, provide additional protection if used in conjunction with an Anti-dragon shield or an Anti-fire potion.

The power of this prayer is sufficient to completely block the attacks of a high-level godly avatar of Bandos.

This prayer cannot nullify all forms of magical effects, however. Iban's attacks, though clearly mystical in nature, still harm players using this prayer. Stealing the Wine of Zamorak with this prayer activated has no effect. This prayer cannot negate teleportation spells, such as those of Aubury as well as those of any other NPC, cast on players. Malignius Mortifer still easily changes a player into a mushroom despite this prayer. The use of this Prayer cannot prevent monks from magically healing you. The magical attacks of the snails of Mort Myre Swamp are also capable of hitting through this prayer.

Players should note that Protect from Magic cannot be used in combination with Protect from Melee or Protect from Missiles. However, it can be used with Protect from Summoning.

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