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Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - King's Ransom
Location Courthouse
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? Unknown edit
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine I object to him!
Notable features The prosecutor of Anna.

The prosecutory plays a part in the King's Ransom quest. In the quest, you must rebut his evidence that Anna was the murderer of Lord Sinclair. He has following evidence:

  • Anna's fingerprints on the dagger
  • Anna having bought poison and not used it
  • A thread from Anna's clothing being found at the crime scene
  • Anna being at the scene of the crime


  • You can talk to him, once when the jury found Anna not guilty and the balloons fill the room. He will explain you that the courthouse is built over old Party room. After that he will accuse you of helping "cold-blooded murderer" go free.
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Up to date as of February 04, 2010

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Production information

Acclamator I-class assault ship[1]


Assault ship[1]


Assault ship[1]


Rise of the Empire era[1]

Earliest sighting

22 BBY[1]

Latest sighting

21 BBY[1]

Present for battles/events

Galactic Republic[1]



Prosecutor was an Acclamator I-class assault ship in the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars.[1]



Battle of Geonosis

Commanded by Captain Martz, Prosecutor participated in the Battle of Geonosis. When the clone commandos of Delta Squad successfully managed to sabotage a Separatist Lucrehulk-class core ship that was still waiting to launch, a Republic LAAT/i gunship from Prosecutor evacuated the commandos from a side breach in the hull of the enemy warship, and Delta Squad returned to Prosecutor.[1]


After the Battle of Geonosis, Prosecutor was given the task of defending trade routes in the Corellian Sector in 21 BBY. During this assignment, the ship's crew managed to intercept important information from a Separatist transmission. The data was later captured by Trandoshans, who had boarded Prosecutor. Most of the clone troopers on board were killed by the intruders, though the sheer number of clones possibly allowed them to keep the vessel from being fully captured for the two weeks that it was out of contact with the Republic.[1]


The Prosecutor floating above the Chaykin cluster.

When Prosecutor reappeared two weeks later in the Chaykin cluster (nowhere near Corellia), the highly-renowned clone commandos of Delta Squad were called in to investigate the matter. They found Prosecutor drifting in space, powerless. Using a CR25 trooper carrier, they infiltrated the ghost ship via the four starboard heavy proton missile tubes. Their primary objective was to retrieve the four aft starboard data cores—the flight recorders that would have detected what had happened to Prosecutor and left it hanging dead in space. Each commando was responsible for a single data core.[1]

As the commandos entered at their respective ingress points, a sensor jammer was activated and cut off their communication from the tactical coordinator on the CR25 carrier, clone advisor CC-01/425. As they made their way aft through the labyrinth of catwalks, corridors, and mazes of coolant pipes in the engineering section, the commandos were ambushed by scavenger droids and slavers. Meanwhile, Boss, the commander of Delta Squad, arrived at Sev's location and watched helplessly as the trooper was ambushed. He also discovered that many surviving clones were still on the ship. However, the majority of these were later killed by either enemy scavenger droids or the Trandoshans that had taken control of the ship.[1]

To add to the mystery of the Prosecutor, Boss found a lightsaber in a service corridor during his mission on the ship. However, instead of the lightsaber lying next to the body of a Jedi, it was found beside a dead clone trooper. He then found a group of three survivors who tried to charge a heavy Trandoshan mercenary when he went to investigate a clone trooper who flew into the room. After a tense fight in which three troopers were slaughtered, Boss continued on.[1]

Making his was through damaged corridors and fighting off Trandoshans, Boss rendezvoused with Fixer, rescued Sev from interrogation, and broke Scorch out of a detention cell. After rendezvousing, Delta Squad began encountering droids. [1]

Upon reaching the bridge, the Deltas destroyed the sensor jammer. CC-01/425 then accessed the ship's systems, providing them with information they needed. The squad then proceeded to one of the ship's hangars to destroy the Trandoshan dropship docked there and acting as a command center for the enemy.[1]

The situation immediately worsened when a Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship appeared to salvage the ship. Delta Advisor proceeded to send out a distress signal, which was answered by the Acclamator-class assault ship Arrestor. Battle droid dispensers were sent into the starboard hangars of the Prosecutor as the Separatists prepared to claim their prize from the Trandoshans. Delta Squad was deployed to secure several hangars against the incoming wave of Confederate droids, and did so by destroying the hangar shield power regulators. With the regulators disabled, the hangar force fields intensified, preventing more dispensers from entering.[1]

Fighting their way through the swarms of battle droid already taking control of the ship, Delta Squad arrived at an automated turbolaser control room where they set the controls to fire on the Droid Control Ship while simultaneously fighting off approaching droids. Together with the newly-arrived Arrestor, their combined firepower proved too much for the Separatist ship, which was destroyed. As a result, all battle droids aboard Prosecutor were deactivated.[1]


  • Star Wars: Republic Commando (First appearance)
  • Republic Commando: Triple Zero (Mentioned only)


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This article uses material from the "Prosecutor" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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