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An example of propaganda used by the Rebels by painting over Imperial propaganda posters.

Propaganda was a system used by various governments to sway the opinions of the public in their favor. Nearly all major governments, including the Galactic Republic, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Rebel Alliance, and the Galactic Empire, made use of propaganda. For example, the Rebel Alliance used the Destruction of Alderaan as anti-Imperial propaganda, and the Republic used the exploits of the Jedi hero Anakin Skywalker as propaganda.

The Meatlumps employed the use of propaganda in the form of graffiti, and the printing of manifestos which promoted their views.

During the Empire Day festivities of 1 ABY, Brenn Tantor employed Imperials to tear down Rebel propaganda posters which proclaimed, "Remember Alderaan", and put up posters which promoted the Empire. The Rebels struck back by graffiti-tagging the Imperial posters.


Behind the scenes

At least in the case of the "Remember Alderaan" poster, the style chosen by EU artists for propaganda posters is evocative of famous World War II propaganda both in color scheme and style (compare, for instance, with this poster in memory of Pearl Harbor, and the color scheme of this poster).



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