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From Your Subculture Soundtrack, the music encyclopedia

One of the big aspects of a Wiki is getting other people involved, which implies a need for promotion.

First off, the big rule is, do not spam!

Let's say that again:


Spamming typically doesn't help promote anything... unless by "promote" you mean "foster hatred for". And we don't. We want to provide a cool service, and irritating everyone doesn't provide a service and it sure isn't cool.

So, now that we know what NOT to do (If you haven't been paying attention: What Not To Do is Spamming), the question becomes, well, what DO you do? That's where you come in! We'll put the best ideas on this page -- to suggest ideas, check out The Discussion Page and make some suggestions, and after thrashing them out a bit, we can put them over here!

For the time being, here's ideas that we've come up with that will be good:

  • Feel free to link reviews you've written in posts and blogs -- but make sure to do it ORGANICALLY. Only link it if it's pertaining to a conversation that's going on. Don't just barge in with "HEY I GOT A NEW REVIEW OVER HERE!!!" -- if they're talking about a particular artist or album, and you've got something over here (or if there's a review you like here by another person), we'd LOVE it if you just popped in and said "Hey, this review is pretty cool!".
  • If you're into the mixtape thing, you might want to mirror your mix's tracklisting over at Art of the Mix, a wonderful site that's a big database of mixtape tracklistings. It's real easy to enter them, and in the "about" line, you can enter a line like "Complete song-by-song liner notes available here, hosted by Your Subculture Soundtrack". That way, it's unobtrusive, and leaves it up to the viewer -- if they're interested in what you've got to say about the songs, they'll click over and read the notes. And they may or may not explore the rest of the site, and that's cool. But, who knows, they might keep us in mind for a future mix they'll do, and put in their notes, and do the same thing! And they might dig the other parts of the wiki! But the key here is that it's unobtrusive and posted somewhere where it might be up people's alleys.
  • Post a link on your own blog! Show off what you've written! If you've got a LJ or Blog or any of that fun stuff, link us over, and encourage your friends to help out, too! And if you write any pages that you're particularly proud of (the sidebar articles can be especially good for this!), direct link those from your blog/journal -- be proud of your work, eh?
  • Use the wiki format to its fullest! One of the great things with Wikis is the interconnected-ness of them -- which makes them great for Newbie Guides To Artists! Haven't you ever gotten interested in an artist who has a billion records out, and you'd like to know where to start, but it's a little intimidating? If there's any artists that you're into that are like this, why not help people out, and write an album-by-album guide to them? (This can take a while, but it can really pay off.) The great thing is that you can talk about albums or other artists, and easily link to them, so the reader can just glide right over. Right now, The Residents is our only guide, but feel free to use that as a template! And once you've written a guide (and don't be afraid to ask admins for help!), you might mention it in fan communities, to get a few different points of view on a record -- perhaps your least favorite David Bowie record, say, is the same record that got someone else INTO David Bowie! Different points of view are always good.

And of course, there's many other good ideas I'm forgetting -- so feel free to make more suggestions! Of course, the best promotion is to have a Quality Site -- it doesn't matter how many people we get to look at it if it sucks! So, help out to make this wiki the best it can be! I think we're pretty awesome as is, but there's always room for improvement... and with a wiki, it's real easy to improve!


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From Grand Theft Wiki

Managers have full authority in deciding who is to become Staff on Grand Theft Wiki.

The process for appointing staff is discussion amongst staff, and a final decision made by a Manager. There may be a public discussion before the decision is made, particularly if a person is nominated for promotion (or nominates themselves).

If you think somebody should become Staff, or if you would like to be yourself, please nominate them on the talk page. The staff will then decide whether to accept the nomination (if it is worth considering), then they will start a discussion and promote this discussion.

Anybody may comment in a discussion, including the candidate. You may ask questions to the candidate, and the candidate can explain why they should become staff. Don't forget to sign your comments with ~~~~.

Don't forget that any member can act like a staff member, cleaning up content and helping other users. It is the members who do this who will be more likely to be accepted as Staff, which simply gives them extra tools to do that job. There is no point having an administrator that does not add content, because that is what Grand Theft Wiki is all about. However, pretending to actually be staff is not acceptable.

If you disagree with any nomination after it has occured, you can comment on the talk page of the nomination. If you have concerns about the conduct of any staff member, report it to a Manager immediately.

Currently nominated for promotion

  • /Blaff 60 - User:Blaff 60 self-nominated for moderator

Successful Nominations

  • /George - Nomination for User:George by User:Xenon, became Moderator
  • /GTA4PC - Nomination for User:GTA4PC by User:A-Dust, became Moderator
  • /Hardrock182 - Nomination for User:Hardrock182 by User:A-Dust, became Moderator
  • /MattyDienhoff - Nomination for User:MattyDienhoff by User:A-Dust, became Moderator
  • /Spaceeinstein - Nomination for User:Spaceeinstein by User:Gboyers, became Moderator
  • /Hardrock182/2 - Nomination for User:Hardrock182 by User:Gboyers, became Administrator from Moderator
  • /Spaceeinstein/2 - Nomination for User:Spaceeinstein by User:Gboyers, became Administrator from Moderator
  • /BloodyGTA - Self-nomination for User:BloodyGTA, became Moderator
  • /Masterpogihaha - Nomination for User:Masterpogihaha by User:Hardrock182 , became Moderator
  • /ZS - Nomination for User:ZS by User:Gboyers, became Administrator directly

Unsuccessful Nominations

  • /Carl "CJ" Johnson - Self-nomination for User:Carl "CJ" Johnson
  • /Chip2007 - Self-nomination for User:Chip2007 for Patroller
  • /GTA4PC/2 - Nomination for User:GTA4PC by User:Gboyers, for Administrator
  • /Gsf4l - User:Gsf4l nominated for moderator by User:Brettdude13. Declined due to abuse on staff during promotion.

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Ice Hockey

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An Ice Hockey Wiki article.

The promotion and relegation system is a process that takes place at the end of the season that transfers teams from a division to another. This system have the best team(s) from a division promote to the next highest one, in replacement for the worse one(s) from that same division, who are relegated to take the place of those teams in the lower division. This process may continue down through many levels; between division 1 and 2, 2 and 3, 3 and 4 and so on.

Usually, the number of teams promoted to one league is equal to the number of teams relegated from it. In some cases, it is not true; this is usually due to league restructurations, or to changes in membership sizes if the league lost one or several members due to bankruptcy.

This system is characteristic of European hockey. While several leagues adopted the North American closed league model in recent years, traditionally, European leagues have usually used the promotion and relegation system. Its main advantages over the closed league one is that it maintains a hierarchy between the various divisions and teams within a country and ensure that, even for the worse teams, every match played is important, as they may be at risk of relegation and may want to avoid falling down one division; in closed leagues, the lower teams not only do not gain anything from trying to avoid finishing last, but they may even gain a lot - in North America, the worse a team's standing is, the higher the team will pick in the draft.

The system also has one major downside: the potentially severe economic hardships or even bankruptcy that may be triggered by a relegation to a lower level. Some leagues will counter this effect by offering what is called parachute payments, i.e. a sum of money given over the following year(s) to the demoted team to ensure its finances stay afloat. Promoted teams also receive financial support to help them being competitive at their new level.

Teams who gain promotion by their performances on the ice may not necessarily be granted access to the higher level; some leagues require those teams to satisfy several non-playing criteria as well, such as financial solvability, stadium facilities and general quality of the facilities. Teams failing to satisfy these conditions can see themselves stripped from their access to the upper division and the promotion may be awarded to a team ranked below the first one, or even be canceled for the season, leaving the former last-ranked team of the upper level in place for the next season.

Qualifying rounds

In some leagues, qualifying rounds are part of the process. These rounds oppose the lowest ranked teams of the higher level to the best ranked teams of the next lowest (number of team depends on the leagues). These rounds have two main advantages: they mean some extra gate receipts for the teams involved, and they ensure that the level of competition in the leagues involved is balanced, by preventing a too weak team from promoting to a higher league and a too strong one from relegating, in case the lowest ranked team of the higher league is still stronger that the highest ranked team of the lower league. One example of such qualifying rounds is the Kvalserien in Sweden.

International level

In hockey, the promotion and relegation system also applies to the World Championships.

This article uses material from the "Promotion and relegation" article on the Ice Hockey wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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From Lostpedia

This is a disambiguation page. A number of articles are associated with the title Promotion.
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Promotion may refer to:

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From TibiaWiki



A promotion is an upgrade for your character. It can be purchased from King Tibianus III of Thais, Queen Eloise of Carlin, Emperor Kruzak of Kazordoon, Grand Vizier Ishebad of Ankrahmun or Emperor Rehal of Beregar.

Cost and Requirements

In order to receive a promotion, the character must, first of all, be level 20 or higher. Secondly, only Premium Accounts can receive a promotion. Finally, it will cost 20,000 gp to receive the promotion when you are ready.


New Name

The first benefit of a character promotion, is that you will receive a new name for your vocation. Druids will become Elder Druids, Sorcerers will become Master Sorcerers, Knights will become Elite Knights, and Paladins will become Royal Paladins.

Reduced Death Penalty

A very valuable benefit of promotion is the reduced loss in a death. Buying Promotion will reduce the experience and skills lost in a death by 30%, unlike Blessings, this benefit will be in effect as long as you have the promoted character.

NOTE: When a promoted character loses premium, they will temperarily lose the promotion until they get premium back again.

Faster Regeneration

Soul Points

For promoted characters, Soul Points will regenerate eight times faster than unpromoted characters. They will regenerate one soul point every 15 seconds, instead of one soul point every 2 minutes.

Mana and Hitpoints

Full article is Regeneration.

The following is a comparison of Hitpoint and Mana regeneration before and after a promotion for different vocations:

Unpromoted title HP Mana Promoted title HP Mana
Knight 1 every 6 sec 2 every 6 sec Elite Knight 1 every 4 sec 2 every 6 sec
Paladin 1 every 8 sec 2 every 4 sec Royal Paladin 1 every 6 sec 2 every 3 sec
Druid 1 every 12 sec 2 every 3 sec Elder Druid 1 every 12 sec 2 every 2 sec
Sorcerer 1 every 12 sec 2 every 3 sec Master Sorcerer 1 every 12 sec 2 every 2 sec

New Spells

Each vocation has one spell that requires a promotion before they can learn it. These spells can only be learned from Eremo by visiting him on his island near Edron and Cormaya. You need to be Premium Account for buying and using these Spells.

New Knight Spell

Name Words Premium Mana Level Price Effect
Challenge exeta res Unknown 30 mana lvl 20 2000 gp Makes all Creatures nearby change their target to the caster.

New Paladin Spell

Name Words Premium Mana Level Price Effect
Conjure Power Bolt exevo con vis Unknown 700 mana lvl 59 2000 gp Creates 10 Power Bolts.

New Druid Spell

Name Words Premium Mana Level Price Effect
Wild Growth adevo grav vita Unknown {{{mana}}} mana lvl {{{expLvl}}} 2000 gp Creates a rune that can only be used by druids to cast a tree when used. It can only be used by druids with level 27 and magic level 8 or higher.

New Sorcerer Spell

Name Words Premium Mana Level Price Effect
Enchant Staff exeta vis Unknown 80 mana lvl 41 2000 gp Enchants a Staff (10/25) to an Enchanted Staff (39/45) for 60 seconds.

If you buy your promotion in Ankrahmun it may look like this:

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

 English: Promotion
 Japanese (Kanji): プロモーション
 Phonetic: Puromōshon
Type: Spell Cards
Property: Normal Image:Normal.png
Card Description(s):
Card Appearance(s):
Other Card Information:
Yu-Gi-Oh! R: Present
TCG/OCG Statuses
Card/Deck/Starchip/DP Costs
Video Game Numbers
Video Game Statuses
Facts about PromotionRDF feed
Attribute Spell Cards  +
Card Image Promotion-JP-Manga.png  +
Card Type Normal Spell Cards  +
Class 1 ManEx  +
Class 3 Manga  +
English Name Promotion  +
Japanese Name プロモーション  +
Lore Tribute 1 "Puppet Pawn". Special Summon 1 different "Puppet" monster from your hand or Deck.
Medium Yu-Gi-Oh! R Manga  +
Phonetic Name Puromōshon  +
S/T Class Normal Spell Cards  +
Types Normal  +

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