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Professor Kanekura

Professor Kanekura




Adriel Wainwright

Alternate names

Professor Kanekura

Debut (Manga)

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Duel 013

Debut (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! First Series - Episode 005

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Seiyū (Japanese)

Professor Kanekura, known as Adriel Wainwright in the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters video game, is the curator of Domino Museum, who exhibits the Millennium Puzzle after Yugi Mutou agrees to let him exhibit it for one day. Kanekura is a very greedy individual, who cares much for money and his own life, but little for anything else, and was willing to lie to others to get what he wanted.


Although he told Yugi that he only wanted to exhibit the puzzle, Kanekura's true intent was to sell it to a non-Japanese person. He planned to just give Yugi something to shut him up. However, the buyer is knocked out by Shadi, and Shadi goes into Kanekura's room. Shadi then transforms Kanekura's chair into Ammit to restrain him and pass judgment with the Millennium Scales. Although it was an illusion, Ammit has entered Kanekura's soul room, which left him vulnerable to death. Kanekura tried to beg for his life and use money to negotiate, as well as lie throughout the trial. As Shadi was merciless, Kanekura's pleas fell on deaf ears and failed the test.

In the manga, when Kanekura fails Shadi's tests involving the Scales of Truth, he dies when his soul is consumed by Ammit. As Ammit was a mere illusion, Kanekura's physical body was not harmed, and to others, he looked as though he simply died of a heart attack from extreme fright. In the first series anime, he is driven insane and injured after failing the tests.

Shadi claimed that Kanekura's soul room stinks of greed and money, which is where monsters like Ammit would be born and lay their nests there, and that Kanekura will be eaten by those monsters born of his negative traits.

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