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Professor Calvert
race: Human brain, Psyker
affiliation: himself
role: Mad scientist
location: Underground Lab
family: Senator Calvert - brother
appearances: Fallout 3 (add-on Point Lookout)
quests: Hearing Voices
Thought Control
A Meeting of the Minds
base id: xx005a39
ref id: xx005a3c

The Brain, Calvert's actor NPC, as seen in his Pulowski Preservation Shelter (Not meant to be seen in normal gameplay)

Professor Calvert (unknown-2277) (also known as The Brain and The Transcendent One among the tribals) was one of the inhabitants of Point Lookout and a member of the prestigious Calvert family before the Great War in the year 2077 and 2277.



Calvert survived the war by extracting his brain out of his body and preserving it in the Underground Lab using experimental robobrain technologies. This technology has allowed him to survive for over 200 years and develop the ability to telepathically communicate with other people. He has a long-term rivalry with Desmond Lockheart, who has apparently battled him many times before the Lone Wanderer's arrival and even managed to create (or find) a device which blocks the Professor's psychic abilities. Nevertheless, the professor was still able to use his psychic abilities to establish communication with the outside world, also using his robots and a hologram as an additional aid.

The battle of the two rivals continues as the professor becomes a "god" to a local tribal cult. Despite the cult's usefulness as living agents and tools, the Professor is frequently frustrated by their misinterpretation of his orders as religious instruction. After the tribals fail to kill Desmond and destroy the psychic jamming device, he learns (by psychically contacting the mind of Lone Wanderer) that the jamming device is ready to be installed on the top of the Ferris wheel to completely block his powers. Calvert telepathically contacts the Lone Wanderer and asks him/her to destroy the device rather than install it.

Interactions with the player character

Professor Calvert is first encountered in hologram form when he is talking to Jackson and with the conversation he asks you to destroy a jamming device that Desmond made. After that, making no difference whether you went with Desmond's choice or Calvert's choice, he'll ask you to kill Desmond and no matter which side of the conflict the Lone Wanderer chooses, (s)he is forced to kill Professor Calvert at the end of the Meeting of the Minds quest.


Professor Calvert is physically a human brain in a jar. He speaks in a rapid-fire voice and tends to refer to himself in the third person. He has the ability to control robots within the Underground Lab (due to both psychic power and being a part of the lab systems), and can access minds of other people from a great distance. Through his psychic powers are strong, they are limited to the area immediately around him by Desmond Lockheart's jamming device. He also controls a local tribal cult through a holographic projector he entrusted to Jackson, the cult leader.

Behind the scenes

  • A living brain in a jar/vat is a common device in sci-fi movies, TV shows, games, and literature.


Professor Calvert appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Point Lookout (add-on)
Antagonists in the Fallout games

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