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Procyon is a binary star system, made up of companion stars named Procyon A and Procyon B about 3.49 parsecs (11.4 light years) from Earth, where it is visible in the constellation of Canis Minor. (Reference books: Star Fleet Technical Manual, Spaceflight Chronology)

On several occasions in 2364, viewscreen readouts aboard the USS Enterprise-D showed the location of Procyon, in the form of charts from the Enterprise library computer. (TNG episodes: "The Naked Now", "The Last Outpost", "Conspiracy")

The Chronology depicted Procyon's components and distance from Earth on star chart illustrations, but since it is a "real" star system, modern scientists know a few things about its makeup that weren't in its Star Trek mentions. It is notable that Procyon was briefly glimpsed onscreen in canon productions of Star Trek because the production staff copied their star charts from the earlier, non-canon Chronology. Given its close proximity to Earth, its possible that Procyon is in sector 001 and is therefore an Alpha Quadrant star, although this hasn't been stated in Star Trek publications.

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Alpha Canis Minoris, or Procyon.

The Procyon System, (pronounced /'proʊsɪən/) also referred to as α CMi or Alpha Canis Minoris, is a binary star system situated 11.41 light years from the Sol System. The system consists of a white main sequence star of spectral type F5 IV-V, named Procyon A, and a faint white dwarf companion of spectral type DA, named Procyon B. Its closest neighbor is Luyten's star, 1.11 ly away. It is situated five days Slipspace travel from the Epsilon Indi System. Arcadia, a UNSC colony world is located in this system.


Arcadia was invaded by the Covenant in 2531.[1] However, they left the system soon after without glassing the planet. A small number of human colonists remained on the planet, which was eventually glassed when the Covenant returned in 2549.


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