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A Proboscis (plural proboscises or proboscides) is a stackable item that members can use (along with a spirit shard, a gold charm, and an empty pouch) to make Spirit mosquito pouches as part of the Summoning skill. These pouches are used to summon Spirit mosquitos, which require level 17 Summoning.

Players completing Fairytale I - Growing Pains may need this item as a randomly selected item that they must take to Malignius Mortifer in order to make the magic secateurs.

Players can obtain proboscises from Mosquito Swarms, which drop a varying number of them during the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame. The number of mosquitoes in the swarm is the amount of Proboscis dropped.[1].

Before the Summoning skill was released, the proboscis had no purpose at all, and therefore, was available for about 2 coins.

This is one of the few stackable tertiary ingredients in Summoning, which may explain its high price. You could theoretically get from level 17 to 99 in a single trip to the obelisk with enough shards, charms, pouches, and proboscises by making Spirit mosquito pouches, converting them to Pester scrolls, and repeating. To do this you would need 277,263 each of the four components.

Players can also get them as a reward from Soul Wars by using the "Gamble" option. Player can get them in quantities of 12.


Proboscis used to have a different examine; "A giant mosquito's proboscis: aerodynamic, sharp and not very useful!" It was changed to what it is today after the release of Summoning batch 2 along with the Spirit mosquito familiar.


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