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Series: The Original Series
Author(s): Margaret Wander Bonanno
Publication information
Published: Hardback - April 1992
Pages: 345
ISBN: ISBN 067179065X
Date: 8475.3 (2287)


Introduction (blurb)

PROBE - an epic length novel that at last picks up the story of the USS Enterprise and her crew where Star Trek IV left off. A novel that reveals the secrets behind the mysterious probe that almost destroyed Earth - and whose reappearence now send Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and their shipmates hurtling into unparalleled unsurpassed discovery...

Winds of change are sweeping the galaxy. The Romulan Praetor is dead, and with his passing, the Empire he ruled is in chaos. Now, on a small planet in the heart of the Neutral Zone, representatives of the United Federation of Planets and the Empire have gathered to discuss initiating an era of true peace...

But the talks are disrupted by a sudden defection - but as accusations of betrayal and treachery swirl around the conference table, news of the probe's reappearence in Romulan space arrives. And the Enterprise crew find themselves headed for a final confrontation with not only the probe - but the Romulan Empire.


After the alien probe left Earth, Starfleet ordered a mission profile be conducted as to who sent it and why it was sent.






Starships and vehicles

Cetacean Probe


Earth; Great Barrier Reef

Races and cultures

States and organizations


Book of Death | Emperor's Legate | ice age | Master Dominion Pandect for Martial Crisis


Margaret Wander Bonanno has disavowed authorship of this novel, which was rewritten by several others, including Gene DeWeese. Bonanno's story of how this came about, along with her original manuscript, can be found on her website.

Related Stories

  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (TOS movie)
Probe is a sequel to The Voyage Home filling in the backstory of the cetacean probe, though is actually set shortly after Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.
The lives of the humpback whales brought to the 24th century in The Voyage Home and briefly seen in Probe are depicted in the Strange New Worlds short stories "The Hero of My Own Life" and "Scotty's Song".
Other stories with glimpses into Borg history include; "The Beginning" (SNW short story), "Dragon's Teeth" (VGR episode) and "Vendetta" (TNG novel).



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