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Private Jones
race: Mr. Gutsy robot
affiliation: Rivet City Security
role: Armory guard
location: Rivet City
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: None
actor: Stephen Russell
base id: 0001E747
ref id: 0001E760

Private Jones is a Mister Gutsy robot who can be found in Rivet City's Bridge Tower. If you talk to him, he will tell you that the area you are in is off limits. If you have a high enough Speech skill, you can convince him that there are enemy forces on the ships deck, and he will thank you for the "assist" before hurrying off. Roughly thirty seconds later, he will resume his post and will not try to kill or arrest you.

It is also possible to attempt to gain access to the Rivet City Armory by telling him you are there to inspect it. Unfortunately, the robot will recognize your ruse and respond with, "You are not authorized to go in there...Don't make me shoot you!" However, as stated above, you can fast talk him, and he will hurry off, giving you a little time to lockpick (Very Hard) and rob the Rivet City Armory while he is away. While it is difficult to empty the Armory in so little time, it is possible to grab the Schematics, the only truly worthwhile loot in the Armory, before Pvt. Jones returns.

If you have a high enough Perception, you will notice a hostile blip on your compass as you explore the area. Inside the Armory is a Turret that is default hostile. Upon entering the Armory, either avoid killing the turret, use a Stealth Boy, or bring in a follower to enter the Armory without turning the Rivet City security against you.

Also, it is vital that no other Rivet City personnel are in the room when you attempt this. Occasionally, the room does empty, except for Pvt. Jones, making the speech challenge vital to enter the Armory peacefully.

  • If you walk directly up to the locked armory door closely enough, the turret inside will spot you and turn any NPCs in the room hostile. In hearing gunfire, non-hostile guards on the floor below will run up to confront the turret, opening the locked door. Guards that do so will immediately turn hostile. To avoid karma loss, allow a follower to kill them by sneaking away (preferably using a Stealth Boy). You can then loot the armory at your leisure after the guards and turret are dealt with, with no karma loss (save for stealing). This was tested on the PC version of the game.

Alternatively, if the speech check fails, you can shoot Private Jones' combat inhibitor while in sneak mode and destroy it. He will frenzy, and if you avoid him (by running up or down the stairs) the guards will soon come and finish him off. This does not reward karma of any kind. A guard will replace Private Jones, but they will eventually go to sleep on one of the cots or leave the room. This allows you to pick the lock on the Armory door with a Stealth Boy activated, sneak into the Armory, and take any items of interest without the guards turning hostile towards you.


  • Private Jones and Mister Buckingham have a tendency to randomly and unprovoked turn hostile towards the player, even when the rest of Rivet City is peaceful. The other citizens will also turn hostile doing the fight, even if the player doesn't fight back while being attacked.
  • A security guard can run and open the room where the turret is, and then turn on you. This causes Private Jones and everyone in the vicinity to turn hostile as though you opened the door. (PC,Xbox360)


Private Jones only appears in Fallout 3.

Rivet City

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