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"A girl once referred to as "that detestable child", Prishe has been raised by the cardinal and schooled in the ways of theology..."

Prishe is a non playable character from Final Fantasy XI. She is a young Elvaan who resides in the Tavnazian Safehold after her home in the once prosperous Tavnazian Marquisate was destroyed. She is considered a principal character in the Chains of Promathia expansion, whom the storyline revolves around. Her Job class is the unique combination of a White Mage and a Monk.

Missions and Quests

Involved in Missions:

  • Promathia Mission 2-3: Distant Beliefs
  • Promathia Mission 2-4: An Eternal Melody
  • Promathia Mission 2-5: Ancient Vows
  • Promathia Mission 3-1: Call of the Wyrmking
  • Promathia Mission 3-2: Vessel Without a Captain
  • Promathia Mission 3-5: Darkness Named
  • Promathia Mission 4-1: Sheltering Doubt
  • Promathia Mission 4-3: The Secrets of Worship
  • Promathia Mission 4-4: Slanderous Utterings
  • Promathia Mission 5-1: The Enduring Tumult of War
  • Promathia Mission 5-2: Desires of Emptiness
  • Promathia Mission 5-3: Three Paths - Where Messengers Gather (Ulmia's Path)
  • Promathia Mission 6-1: For Whom the Verse is Sung
  • Promathia Mission 6-3: More Questions Than Answers
  • Promathia Mission 7-1: Chains and Bonds
  • Promathia Mission 8-2: A Fate Decided
  • Promathia Mission 8-3: When Angels Fall
  • Promathia Mission 8-4: Dawn


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