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Princess Ovelia Atkascha
Sprite(s) Portrait of Princess Ovelia Ovelia's in-game sprite
Japanese オヴェリア・アトカーシャ
Romaji Overia Atokāsha
Age 16 at game's start
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Voice actor(s) Kari Wahlgren
Job Class Princess
Affiliation Varies
Final Fantasy Tactics Character
"Would that I were born no princess."
—Princess Ovelia

Princess Ovelia Atkascha is a major character in Final Fantasy Tactics. The story revolves around her being used as a tool for the nobles to gain their hold to the Ivalice throne.



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Early life

She was born the daughter of King Denamda II, and is half-sibling of King Ondoria Atkascha III by different mothers. Following the death of Ondoria's second son, she was adopted by the king as his daughter. However, with the birth of Prince Orinus Atkascha, Ovelia was brought up by Duke Larg and sent to a monastery. She recalls vividly the skies she could only see through the convent walls that surrounded her. At one point she had met Alma Beoulve, and before long was sent to another monastery called Orbonne Monastery to study with Simon Penn-Lachish.

Kidnapping and Rescue

Because she is key to Duke Goltanna's plans to become Regent of Ivalice, she is taken to Orbonne for protection. There, she is guarded by her bodyguard Agrias Oaks and the mercenary Goffard Gaffgarion to help protect her. Ramza Beoulve, as part of Gafgarion's mercenary group is also assigned to protect her. However, the monastery is attacked by the Order of Northern Sky knights, disguised as knights of the Order of Southern Sky so as to pin the blame on Goltanna, when in fact his rival Duke Larg and his assistant Dycedarg are to blame. While Ramza and his friends rush outside to deal with the fake Southern Sky knights, Delita Heiral, a real Southern Sky knight working as a spy within the Northern Sky, enters the monastery through a back door and kidnaps the princess.

Delita begins to take her east towards Fort Besselat, but runs into trouble at Zeirchele Falls. Just then, Ramza, Agrias, and Gafgarion catch up to Delita and Ovelia. Gafgarion suddenly betrays Agrias, since he was actually hired by Dycedarg to dispose of Ovelia, as her existence is preventing Larg from becoming regent. However, Delita has taken a liking to Ovelia and fights back to protect her, even allowing her to fight as well. Ramza remains true, and Gafgarion and the attacking knights are both defeated. Delita then voluntarily allows Ramza to take Ovelia with him.

Trouble with Glabados

One of Ovelia's initial artworks

Ramza and Agrias then escort Ovelia to Lionel Castle where she is left with Cardinal Delacroix. This proves to be a mistake, as Delacroix has his own ill intentions. Ovelia and Agrias are both taken prisoner, but Agrias later escapes and rejoins Ramza. Delita, who has also infiltrated the Church of Glabados later arrives, as does Folmarv Tengille, leader of the Knights Templar. Folmarv and Delacroix interrogate Ovelia, and they claim that she is not actually the Princess and that the real Ovelia had died. The Council, not wanting Queen Louveria to have a hold on the throne, took her, a child of unknown parentage and given her Ovelia's identity. Whether or not this is actually true is never determined in the game, though one could assume that it is since Folmarv actually had no reason to lie at that point.

Delita, however, takes Ovelia away from Lionel Castle and delivers her to Goltanna. Goltanna places her on the throne so he can be her Regent. Because Larg attempted to enthrone one of her relatives, the War of the Lions breaks out.

Marriage to Delita and Death

Following the assassination of Goltanna by Delita at the Battle of Fort Besselat, Delita consolidates his power among the Order of the Southern Sky. He stages the death of Orlandeau, but allows him to live so he can help Ramza destroy the Lucavi. Eventually, Delita and Ovelia marry, but Ovelia became troubled over time and loathed Delita for using her and others to get to the top of the power chain. On her birthday, Delita looks for Ovelia in the chapel ruins where they first met years ago. He brings her flowers to cheer her up, but she finally snaps and draws her dagger to stab him. But, though wounded, Delita retaliates by stabbing Ovelia with the same dagger that nearly killed him. She perishes on the chapel floor, and Delita is left to wonder what sort of life his deceptions have weaved for him.

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