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Dawn of Souls artwork.
"Hilda is crown princess of the Kingdom of Fynn. She takes the reins of the rebellion after her father, the king, is struck down. Her extraordinary leadership abilities belies her young age, and inspire the faith of her people."
Final Fantasy II 20th Anniversary instruction manual.

Princess Hilda (ヒルダ Hiruda) is the daughter of the King of Fynn and leader of the Wild Rose Rebellion in Final Fantasy II.


Hilda tells the party the password of the Rebellion, the Wild Rose, in the PSP version of Final Fantasy II.

At the beginning of the game, Hilda finds the wounded Firion, Maria, and Guy after Emperor Mateus has attacked their hometown and killed their parents. She takes them to the rebel base in Altair, allowing them to be healed back to full health with the help of her assistant, Minwu. The party soon finds out that she is the leader of the Wild Rose rebellion. Firion asks to join the resistance, and Hilda refuses him, feeling that the party is too young to join. She is sympathetic to their plight however, and allows them to stay, teaching them the password of the rebellion, the "Wild Rose". Firion, Maria, and Guy leave Altair soon after and travel to Fynn, where they discover Hilda's fiance Scott being hidden in the basement of the pub. He gives them his ring to give to Hilda, then dies. Returning to Altair, Firion presents the ring to Hilda. She tells him to keep it, and allows them to join the rebellion.

During the efforts to free Fynn from the Empire of Palamecia, she and Cid were captured by the Dreadnought while trying to meet up with Firion's party in Kashuan Keep. Firion leads an effort to rescue her, but he is unaware that Hilda has been replaced in her cell by a disguised Lamia Queen, who is taken back to Altair instead of her. The disguised Lamia Queen tempted Firion but Leila sees through the disguise and intervenes just in time. After discovering the truth and killing the Lamia, Firion learns that the Princess is really being held at the Emperor's gladiatorial arena. The heroes enter the arena and defeat a monster, but the Emperor has them arrested. They are able to break out of their cell and also manage to rescue Hilda.

Hilda later organizes the attack on Fynn which Firion's party participates in. After reclaiming her throne, she asks the party to look for Minwu. Later in the game she holds a celebration after the empires defeat before finding out that the Dark Knight, Leon, has crowned himself emperor. When Firion and Maria bring Leon back with them, she allows him to join the rebellion. At the end of the game, Hilda congratulates the party for their victory over the empire and plans to rebuild Fynn.



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