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Priests and priestesses are generally found at temples in the different Hometowns in Tibia. Most priests and priestesses can heal you if you are nearly dead (they will not heal you to more than 65 hitpoints). Many priests and priestesses can offer you general information about the town, or about Tibia in general. They can also heal you if you are poisoned, on fire, or electrocuted.


Priest and Priestess NPCs

Name Image:Trans.gif Job Buy/Sell Location
Alia Image:Alia.gif Healer no Carlin Temple on Theater Avenue, (here)
Amanda Image:Amanda.gif Priestess no Edron temple, here
Brewster Image:Brewster.gif Priest no Port Hope Temple, just west of the depot (here).
Cipfried Image:Cipfried.gif Monk no Temple of Rookgaard (here)
Isimov Image:Isimov.gif Priest no Kazordoon Temple, four levels below ground.
Kasmir Image:Kasmir.gif Priest no Muhayin (Darashia Temple), here 6 floors above the depot.
Kjesse Image:Kjesse.gif Priest no Svargrond, west of depot
Lorietta Image:Lorietta.gif Priestess no Yalahar temple, just south of depot on the left side of dock, near boat.
Lynda Image:Lynda.gif Priestess no Thais, on Royal Avenue at the church east of the castle, here.
Maealil Image:Maealil.gif Priest yes Ab'Dendriel Temple, north east corner of town, on a peninsula (here).
Tyrias Image:Tyrias.gif Priest no Liberty Bay Temple, just north-west of the Depot.
Tibra Image:Tibra.gif Priestess no Carlin Library just west of Depot (here).
Quentin Image:Quentin.gif Priest no Thais Temple at Temple and Main Streets, just south and east of depot, in middle of town (here).
Yberius Image:Yberius.gif Priest no Venore Temple, just east of the central depot (here).

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