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Seto is a priest who is a cousin of Pharaoh Atem. Seto Kaiba is the reincarnation of Priest Seto. Seto is named after the Egyptian God Set.




Anime and Manga

3000 years before the present day events of the anime and manga (5000 in the English anime), Priest Seto and Pharaoh Atem were friends and rivals who helped each other by testing their skills; as children their relationship was Atem as a prince and Seto as a priest on training.

Bakura, the King of Thieves showed the royal court his Ka, Diabound's great power before running away. Seto decided that Bakura should be stopped and looked for a Ka that was stronger than Diabound. People could be tortured into revealing their Kas, so he decided to try rounding up and torturing criminals. This plan, he felt, would accomplish two things: finding a Ka that could destroy Diabound and reduce the number of criminals that ravage his pharaoh's kingdom. During his quest to find a Ka greater than Diabound, he found Kisara. Kisara was a foreigner who was being attacked by the people of her village because she was different. Seto rescued her twice (once when they were children from a raiders' camp, and when the townspeople were throwing rocks at her and calling her a demon) and found out that Kisara had the Ka of a White Dragon.

Seto's father, Priest Aknadin wanted to use Kisara's Ka to fight Diabound and put his son on the throne (this occurred after his dark side was brought out by Bakura). Seto disagreed with him, because if a person's Ka was extracted, that person would die. Akhenaden was the brother of Atem's father, Akhenamkhanen. Seto believed his father died in battle so he didn't know Akhenaden was his father. Akhenaden knew that if Atem died, Seto would be Pharaoh. Akhenaden extracted the Blue-Eyes anyway for Priest Seto to use against Atem, resulting in the death of Kisara. Later, Seto became possessed by the corrupted spirit of Akhenaden, whom Seto had stabbed after he killed Kisara, and dueled Atem. He used the White Dragon in this duel. Though he defeated Atem, Kisara freed Seto's mind from Akhenaden's spirit. Seto fought bravely by Atem's side in the battle against Zorc Necrophades. When Zorc was defeated, Atem said his reign was over, and made Seto the new pharaoh.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Seto as he appears in Forbidden Memories.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, Seto is portrayed more as an antagonist. He is the high mage Heishin's right hand man and rival to the prince (Atem, although the player names him).

He first appears dueling and defeating Jono. He mocks Jono's dueling skills, but Jono tells him that he isn't good enough to beat Atem. Seto cannot duel as he is called to meet Heishin, but agrees to duel Atem later. Seto later arrives at the Dueling Grounds, to face Atem. After Atem defeats him, he recognizes him as the Prince. None of Atem's friends had been aware of this.

After the Mages, take over, Seto finds Atem at the Forbidden Ruins. He explains the meaning of the map Atem has, that it gives the location of each Millennium Item. He advises Atem to defeat each High Mage at each of the shrines on the map. Sadin advises Atem not to trust Seto. Regardless, Atem follows Seto's orders.

After Atem defeats one of the High Mages, Seto kidnaps Teana and holds her hostage to draw Atem to him. Jono and Atem arrive at the Dark Shrine to rescue her. Heishin orders Seto to defeat Atem and take the Millennium Puzzle as his prize for winning. Seto drags Teana into a secret room, where he duels Atem. After Seto loses he gloats about the Mages don't stand a chance against Atem.

After Atem defeats the remaining High Mages and takes their Millennium Items, Seto approaches him and tells him to go to the now unguarded Dark Shrine, where he can face Heishin. Atem complies and meets Seto at the Dark Shrine. Here Seto shows him the way to Heishin. After Heishin loses, Seto takes Atem to the ruins. Here he reveals his true plan. He had gotten Atem to gather all the Millennium Items and take them to the Forbidden Ruins. Now Seto could use them to aquire great power, by summoning DarkNite, but Heishin appears and holds a knife to Seto's neck demanding the Items from Atem or he would kill Seto. Atem gives Heishin the Items, which Heishin uses to summon DarkNite.

After Atem defeats DarkNite, Seto disappears and is never heard from, within the kingdom, again.

Deck/Monster Spirits

In the anime and manga Seto Summons the following Monster spirits:

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, the first time the player (Atem) faces Seto, his Deck contains many strong cards for such an early stage in the game, like "Gaia the Fierce Knight" and "Ushi Oni". The second time he's faced, he now uses "Blue-eyes White Dragons". The third time faced, Seto uses many powerful cards like 3 copies of "Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon".

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