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Price check (PC) is generally used in the chat window's different channels (local or trade channels in towns, guild chat or even alliance chat). The term "price check" is normally followed by the name or specifications of an item, in the hope that another person will reply with the current market value of the item. The current market value of an item is often of interest to both buyers as well as sellers but there's no guarantee that a person will respond with a reasonable price, considering that prices are not fixed, vary widely depending on supply and demand, and are very much a matter of personal perception.

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Price Checker.
The updated price check box.

The Price Checker (also spelled price-checker) interface was introduced on 25 February 2009 to allow players to check the prices of items. This feature was one of the player-requested features added by Jagex in 2009, due to an overwhelming amount of "Price Check" spamming in-game, which was extremely annoying to the other players, see History.

The interface is located in the Worn Equipment interface, between Equipment Stats and Items Kept on Death. Clicking on the button will open up to a screen where an item in the inventory can be clicked, and the Grand Exchange market price of the item is shown. The prices of up to 28 different items can be checked in this interface. If a player clicks a untradeable item or attempts to price check a members item on a free to play world, a text appears stating: That item isn't tradeable. If a player clicks the price checker while having another interface open, a text appears saying: Please finish what you're doing before opening the price checker.

At the bottom of the interface, the total value of all of the items in shown on the left. To the right, the current trade limit of the player is shown.


A price check of some loot.

Before the Price Checker was introduced, players used an informal way of checking prices called "price check". To do this, a player trades another player to see the Grand Exchange market price of his/her items. It was used to find out the worth of items in a convenient way rather than looking each up individually on the Grand Exchange.

To start a price check, most players would repeatedly spam "Pc" commonly at a bank or the grand exchange but players would also spam it at other places and wait for someone to trade with the player. When offered a trade, the player will put his/her items into the trade window. By doing this, the player may check the market value of items at the bottom of the trade window. After the price check is complete, the trade is declined. This annoyed many players and was a common topic on the Official RuneScape forums.

This method of price checking did not work with untradeable items, such as damaged Barrows equipment, as these items cannot be displayed in the trade window.


  • When you do an unbalanced trade in your favour, the trade limit (as displayed in the price checker) will go inversely to that of your actual trade limit.

For example: Your limit is 10,000, and you receive 1,000. Your real limit will be 9,000, however; the price checker will say it is 11,000. This does not affect anything except what the price checker thinks you can trade.

This is NOT a glitch. If your limit is 10,000 and you are given 1,000 then you are able to give away 11,000 before you reach your limit, but only receive 9,000. As long as it is within the 15 minute allotted time you are given. Simply put, having a separate value for both incoming and outgoing limits would solve the confusion, but has not been incorporated.

This article uses material from the "Price Checker" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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