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Pressure Points is the sixth episode of the first season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.



The Fifth fleet is joined by another Klingon force, the Klingon Ninth Battlegroup. The Klingon commander has a daring plan to halt the Dominion advance into allied space. In a simultaneous timed attack with the Seventh fleet on the Tyra system, the Klingon force along with the Fifth Fleet are to attack Sector 432 and destroy a major enemy repair yards. The attack does not go as planned and it comes down to Colonel David Tiki and his USS Swiftfire-A Marines to complete the mission before the force must retreat.

Memorable quotes

"I am General Gar, commander of the 9th Klingon Battlegroup. We are here to avenge our fallen warriors. In the coming days we will show the Dominion and their Cardassian lap dogs the meaning of, bortaS blr jablu'DI'reH QaQqu' nay'!"
General Gar uses a famous quote.
"The Dominion is going to keep coming; we can either wait here or go out and meet them. Personally I would prefer to go out and show them what the Alpha Quadrant means to us."
Captain Masters.
"Running without completing the mission. You’ll never find a Jem’Hadar doing that. Unlike you they are not afraid of death, they embrace it. That is why you cannot defeat them."
"So I guess these three Jem’Hadar on the floor just died from natural causes."
— A Vorta and Colonel Tiki have a difference of opinion.

Background information

  • This is the Marine's first combat action against Dominion forces.
  • This story ties into the start of season 6 of Deep Space 9 and is the last episode to show what occurred in the war in the three month gap between the show's seasons.


3rd Tactical Wing; 59th Tactical Wing; 198th Tactical Wing; 268th Tactical Wing; IKS Bal'is; Douglas, Jennifer; Gar; Fifth Fleet; Harvey, Victor; Klingon Ninth Battlegroup; Klingon Third Battlegroup; USS Midway; Raid on Sector 432; Sector 432; Sector 432 repair yards; Starbase 391; Stark; Stevens, Rachel; USS Venture; Yel'tar

External link

  • "Pressure Points" in PDF format at Star Trek Swiftfire

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