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Presidential Sub Level

connects to: Presidential Metro

The Presidential Sub Level is an underground area in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel. It connects the Utility area below the White House with the Presidential Metro which has exits to The Capitol Building's East Wing and Adams Air Force Base.


Notable Loot


  • The sub level is locked before the quest 'Who Dares Wins'.
  • If you continue past the door that leads to M.A.R.Go.T. you will find an Intact Garden Gnome holding a Camera and two Teddy Bears tied to the rails in front of the Gnome. It appears as though the bears are being held hostage with a miniature sign saying "Help Us!"
  • There is a skeleton hanging from the ceiling in one of the tunnels. It seems to be the remains of a maintenance man who was killed after touching the electrified third rail.
  • Placed throughout the Sub Level are little bronze busts of the former Presidents of the United States; however the only bust intact is that of President Jefferson, showing an obvious correlation to the Jefferson Memorial, home of Project Purity.
  • The log entry AK197833 in the terminal in the small maintenance room quotes the song "Detox" from the heavy metal band Strapping Young Lad, in particular the lines : "I wish that I could sleep, and just get this over with, this is only high school bullsh*t", and "I'm lost, I'm freaking, and everybody knows, everyone's watching". the complete lyrics for the song can be read here . The name given for the engineer on this terminal is D.T, a reference to Devin Townsend, vocalist of Strapping.


The Presidential Sub Level appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


Broken Steel (add-on)

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