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This article is about the object Present. For the 12 month old reward, see Birthday Present. For the collectors reward, see Collector's Edition Present.
A Present

During the Wintersday Festival in Ascalon, Lion's Arch, Droknar's Forge and Kamadan a present spawns in one of the locations listed below. If a player picks up the present and gives it to a child (some have names, others are simply called Young Child), the child gives a Candy Cane Shard or a Winter Gift back in exchange.

A team of three Grentches attempt to prevent this gift exchange by running (with a greater than 25% speed boost) to the present and destroying it with by their touch. If a player has picked up the present, the Grentches follow the path the player has taken since picking up the present. If they reach the player carrying the present before the player reaches a child, the present explodes (not dealing any damage). A new present then appears.

Note: If the Grentches are greater than an unknown distance from where the present appears, they will teleport to that area.



Present spawn points


Children who give Candy Cane Shards

Children who give Winter Gifts

  • Lion's Arch: Scrappy Jhim (2 presents spawn VERY close to him making it easy to score Winter Gifts quickly- it is believed this is due to the fact Jhim was involved in the 2005 Wintersday Festival and gave out Winter Gifts then.)
  • Kamadan: Mahk's Son
Image:Bug.png Bug! In some districts of Kamadan Grentches got stuck behind the "DonĀ“t Feed the Dwarf" sign preventing them from pursuing people and exploding the gifts.


Wintersday 2005

Presents spawned during the Wintersday 2005 update at random locations in the major cities of Tyria (Ascalon City, Lion's Arch, Droknar's Forge), simply lying on the ground. They could be picked up and carried around. When given to a child (some had names, others were simply called Young Child), the child would give a Winter Gift back in exchange. However, this had to be done quickly, because at the same time several Grentches were running around those cities, destroying the presents. As soon as a new present spawned, the Grentches would run towards the location where it appeared. If a player had already picked it up, the Grentches would continue to pursue the player. If they reached the present before it reaches a child, the present would explode (not dealing any damage).

Dwayna Vs Grenth

In the Dwayna Vs Grenth PvP game, there are two types of Presents, real and fake, which are visually identical.

The object of the PvP game is to take 5 real Presents either to Dwayna for the children or to Grenth for destruction, depending on the assigned team of the player. Fake presents are booby traps which explode when picked up, and damage the player for 250 health (supposedly the "Gift that might kill you" in the Wintersday 2005 update song).

Real presents slow characters to roughly half of their normal walking speed while carried.

Wintersday 2006

This is the repeat of 2005 present hunt. Periodically a present spawns, players must spot the present, pick it up quickly and deliver it to one of the Young Children in town before any of the Grentches reach the present and destroy it. Grentches can also destroy presents held by players if they come within adjacent range.

In return, the child will hand the player a Candy Cane Shard or a Winter Gift which will unwrap into a random Wintersday item. Grentches move faster than players, however Sugar Rush can be used to outrun them. When a present spawns the Grentches will run all the way to the spawn point before chasing someone who has picked it up. It appears that a new present spawns whenever a present is turned in or destroyed.

Grentches may be temporarily trapped at the Lion's Arch lighthouse. Getting the Grentches to follow a present carrier to the lighthouse will cause the Grentches to become stuck at this location (after they destroy the carried present). Present drops will proceed as usual, and everyone will have a chance to take their presents to Scrappy Jhim.

WARNING: Unfortunately a few people have been seen taking advantage of this situation and holding the present, thus preventing it from spawning. These players will and have been banned for exploiting the game in this way. Such behavior is considered unacceptable.

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This item is in the Household Items class and has history.
Attributes: Vol:5
Weight: 6.00 oz.
Loot value: 10 gp.
Dropped by: None.
Buy from: Gorn (Thais) 10 gp

Shiantis (Venore) 10 gp
Bezil/Nezil (Kazordoon) 10 gp
Bashira (Ab'Dendriel) 10 gp
Red Lilly (Liberty Bay) 10 gp
Ahmet (Ankrahmun) 10 gp
Nienna (Meluna) 10 gp
Perod (Port Hope) 10 gp
Halif (Darashia) 10 gp
Bertha (Svargrond) 10 gp

Valentina (Greenshore) 10 gp (only during Valentine's Day)
Sell to: Players.
Notes: Looks the same as a Present (Postman) and a Present (Explosive).

Presents are good for delivering gifts to friends.

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Spoiler warning: Quest and/or game spoiling details follow.

Obtainable on Rookgaard in Present Quest.

Obtainable in The Annihilator Quest.

Obtainable in Barbarian Arena Quest.

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See also: Items.


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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

This designates that the particular card has appeared in the anime or manga listed in question.

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City of Heroes

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There are two types of presents that have made appearances in City of Heroes and City of Villains.

Present Inspirations

There are six types of Present inspirations, all of them using the same image and description text: "You received this holiday gift. Who knows what could be inside."

Please note that while the Gift of Life and Gift of Energy inspirations use an AOE animation, they will only affect you. Using a Gift of Life near a dying ally won't restore their health, only yours.

Image:Inspiration_Present.png Gift of Defense +DEF
You receive the Gift of Defense. Your Defense is now greatly increased.

Image:Inspiration_Present.png Gift of Energy Endurance [50%]
You receive the Gift of Energy and gain a lot of Endurance.

Image:Inspiration_Present.png Gift of Experience (2004-5) XP Bonus
You receive the Gift of Experience. You have recived 250 xp.

Image:Inspiration_Present.png Gift of Experience (2006) XP Debt Protection
You receive the Gift of Experience. You will not accrue any XP Debt if you are defeated. This protection will last for 1 hour or until you are defeated.

Image:Inspiration_Present.png Gift of Life Heal [50%]
You receive the Gift of Life and some of your health is restored.

Image:Inspiration_Present.png Gift of Power +DMG (All) [25%]
You Received the Gift of Power and you now strike with a lot more damage.

Image:Inspiration_Present.png Lump of Coal
You were bad this last year. You got a lump of coal and nothing else.

During the Winter Event 2004, players earned a Present inspiration by defeating a Winter Lord. In the Winter Event 2005 and 2006, players earned a Present inspiration by clicking on a "Nice" present; see Clickable Presents below.

Because any of the six types of Present inspirations are awarded at random, some players believed there was only one type of Present inspiration which had a random effect when clicked. This was proved incorrect with two different methods:

  1. Copying a character to the Test server and then clicking on its Present inspirations would reveal what each one did. Those present inspirations would then have the same effect on the live server.
  2. With the addition of storage items to the Supergroup Bases, Present inspirations can be dropped in an Inspiration Collector and they will form stacks, just like any other inspiration dropped in there. By taking one inspiration a stack and noting their effect, you reveal what all the inspirations in that stack do. (The stacks will actually be in alphabetical order by gift name, as above.)

Clickable Presents

Winter Event 2005

During the Winter Event 2005, presents appeared as clickable objects all over the city and PvP zones. Clicking on one of those presents had a 50% chance to be "Nice" and award one of the Present inspirations, and a 50% chance to be "Naughty" and spawn a single mob of Winter Horde minions.

During this event, Heroes and Villains could also accept a mission that involved, for the villains, stealing presents en route to Paragon City; and for the heroes, to recover said stolen presents. Those presents were just mission objectives, though, and wouldn't trigger the Naughty/Nice event.

Winter Event 2006

For the second phase of the Winter Event 2006, clickable presents came back in all city and PvP zones, with a couple of changes.

"Naughty" presents still worked just like in the previous event, with an important exception: if the player clicking the present was part of a team with five or more members, a Winter Lord had a chance to spawn instead of a single Winter Horde mob. This allowed players to get the Frozen Fury Badge, just like in the Winter Event 2004. However, defeating the Winter Lord no longer awards a Present inspiration.

"Nice" presents still drop the six types of Present inspirations, but they also have a chance to award the Stocking Cap costume piece, or a random temporary power.

This article uses material from the "Present" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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