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image:Germany.gif Premia
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: April 03, 2002
Location: Germany
Server Save: 9:00 CET

Top players by skill area:
LevelMagic LevelFistClubSwordAxeDistanceShieldingFishing

List of Game Worlds.



Players with the highest level

Image:Golden Goblet.gif Ryanhender level 347, RP
Image:Silver Goblet.gif Shush'Eiri level 317, RP
Image:Bronze Goblet.gif Luke Pall level 314, RP

Players with the best skills

Image:Solar Axe.gif Axe Necro Dragonheart 106
Image:The Stomper.gif Club Maxi Main 99
Image:The Devileye.gif Distance Ryanhender 112
Image:Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'.gif Fist Toolchild 80
Image:Emerald Sword.gif Sword Neville Krum 105
Image:Rainbow Shield.gif Shielding Necro Dragonheart 105
Image:Spellbook of Dark Mysteries.gif Magic Jens Ferdinand 94
Image:Mechanical Fishing Rod.gif Fishing Dara Dramon 99

Guilds & Wars

  • In premia there is a huge amount of guilds but the strongest one is Violent Saints. Despite being the strongest guild his members have rules so they dont Power Abuse and the peace on the gameworld is maintained.
  • Although rulers of other gameworlds threatened Premia comunity and talked about a masive invasion, the peace is still maintained and there are no wars yet.

Rare Items

Image:Grey Tome.gif Grey Tome: owned by Jens Ferdinand and Draco Nemesis
Image:Blue Tome.gif Blue Tome: owned by Jens Ferdinand and Draco Nemesis
Image:Vampire Doll.gif Vampire Doll: owned by Kalasbruden
Image:Blood Skull.gif Blood Skull: owned by Kalasbruden
Image:Hand Puppets.gif Hand Puppets: owned by Draco Nemesis
Image:Horned Helmet.gif Horned Helmet: owned by La Kida
Image:Ball Gown.gif Ball Gown: owned by Kalasbruden
Image:Shield of Honour.gif

Shield of Honour: owned by Draco Nemesis

File:Friendship_Amulet.gif Friendship Amulet: owned by Redax

Additional info

  • Premia is the one and only world with access only to premium players. Number of players online is low compared to other worlds. However, this number is increasing due to the world-transferring function.
  • Advantages: Easy to start with many friendly players and easy to get a hunting ground at lower levels. There is almost no PKing or power abusing at all. However, players can get help dealing with random PK's and power abusing when it does happen.
  • Disadvantages: A few low levels PK's, hard to sell items to players. A protection of botters by higher levels. A very much slower spawn then on other servers (the spawn time is becoming faster as more players are transferring to Premia).
  • The most inhabited cities in Premia are Ankrahmun, Yalahar, Darashia, and Liberty Bay.
  • Premia is also known for having a great community and having great events. In most recent history the Premia community has built a large parcel castle using 745 parcels and a server wide screen shot.

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