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"Preceding Reputations" was a teaser which precedes "New Frontiers...", the first story of Star Trek: Daedalus, with minor editing for the series's relaunch in July 2008



As the USS Daedalus prepares to depart from Earth Station McKinley, Lieutenant Joseph Tyler takes the shuttlecraft Icarus to collect a group of four junior officers, H'Lanna, Steven Rose, Karen Copeland and Jikra Lar from Spacedock and transport them to their assignment aboard the Daedalus.

While en route back to the Daedalus, Tyler reflects on the aftermath of the Dominion War, and the effects that the war of had on him. Meanwhile, the junior officers discuss the great and not-so-great facts which they have learned about Captain Christopher Mackenzie. While they concede that Mackenzie may have had a wild past, they decide that he must of mellowed as he rose up the ranks and became a respected captain. When they ask Tyler for reassurance, he unconvincingly mutters "Of course".





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