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A detailed view of a Prayer potion.
A Prayer potion is a potion made with Herblore that restores 7 to 31 Prayer points per dose[1] The formula for this seems to be 7 + (prayer level / 4) (Rounded down). It appears as a vial containing an aquamarine fluid.

Members can make a prayer potion at level 38 Herblore[1] by adding a clean ranarr to a vial of water, and then mixing in snape grass. This makes a potion with three doses, and grants 87.5 experience[1].

Prayer potions are almost always in high demand, due largely to the common use of protection prayers and smiting as a defence in combat. Having a way of restoring Prayer points in the middle of battle (and without the need for an altar) is very convenient. They used to be sold almost constantly in player killing hotspots (such as World 18 Edgeville bank) when the wilderness was a PKing area, since the new update that allowed the Grand Exchange to be accessed on PvP worlds, players now are not able to sell as many with their fluctuated prices. With the update that introduced PvP worlds again, prayer potions are seeing a rise in demand by player killers.

For players who have completed Rum Deal and have a holy wrench in their inventory, 1-3 additional prayer points will be restored per dose of prayer potion. This becomes useful when fighting TzTok-Jad, as large amounts of Prayer Potions (sometimes around half an inventory) are often used.

This potion is also used to make the Super prayer.

Production costs

The data in this table is based on the Grand Exchange prices of the Vial of water, herb, and secondary ingredient(s). It is accurate assuming all three items are bought off of the Grand Exchange and the resulting potion is sold afterwards to make a loss.

Material cost Profit/loss Profit/xp
11,239 Coins  -1,789 Coins  -20.45


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