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Pray in Final Fantasy IV

Pray, also known as Health and Prayer, is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series that heals the whole party.




Final Fantasy IV

In all versions of the game except the SNES one (in which many character abilities were removed), Rosa can use Pray (Prayer in the J2e translation). If successful, it heals the party equivalent to a Cure spell. In the Advance version it is upgradeable to Miracle with the accessory White Ring. Miracle has a chance of healing more as well as curing statuses, though its failure is essentially the original Pray. In the Nintendo DS version, Pray restores both HP and MP, the amount of which is dependent on the party member's max HP and MP, and has a higher rate of success.

Final Fantasy VI

Banon has the Pray command, which was called Health in the SNES and PSX versions. It casts the equivalent of a Cura spell on the party for no MP cost.

Final Fantasy X

Pray is found in Yuna's section of the Sphere Grid. It restores a small amount of HP to the Party.

Final Fantasy X-2

Pray is found in the White Mage Dressphere. Vigor is a stronger single-target version of Pray.

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