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This article is about the warship Class. You may be looking for the Lightsaber Hilt.
Praetor-class Star Battlecruiser
Production information

Sienar Fleet Systems

Product line

Star Battlecruisers[1]


Praetor-class Star Battlecruiser[1]


Star Battlecruiser[1]

Technical specifications

Several kilometers[2][3]

Hyperdrive system


Power output

Peak: >7,73 × 1026 W (with planetary heat sink)[5]

Power plant

One or more reactors capable of producing more power than similar systems onboard an Imperial-class Star Destroyer.[1]




The Praetor-class Star Battlecruiser, also known as the Praetor-class battle cruiser,[4] was a large and powerful warship class that came into use sometime before the rise of the Galactic Empire.



The reactor systems of the Praetor-class battle cruiser were more powerful than those of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer[6][1] and the class was thus larger in size than contemporary Star Destroyers,[2] being designated a Star Battlecruiser.[1]


A Rebel anti-orbital ion cannon connected to a Praetor-class's reactors.

The Praetor-class was produced for service in the Galactic Republic.[4] It was eventually surpassed in design by other battle cruiser models.[7] Despite being outdated by the time of the Galactic Civil War, the class continued in limited Imperial service.[4]

A derelict Praetor was cannibalized by Rebel forces and its reactors were installed on the frozen planet Hoth to power the facilities of Echo Base, including its defensive systems.[8] The power equipment was buried deep underground, where they utilized the surrounding planet as a heat sink, increasing the reactors' efficiency. This provided the area encompassing the base with protection from bombardment by one Executor-class Star Dreadnought and several Imperial-class Star Destroyers, as well as supporting a v-150 Planet Defender ion cannon that brought down multiple Star Destroyers.[1] This was an upgrade from the similar setup for Massassi Station on Yavin 4, which used reactor equipment scavenged from an Imperial-class Star Destroyer that could withstand a single, large battleship,[6] but was not enough against the Executor.[9]

Behind the scenes

In real life, "praetor" was a title for Roman magistrates, governors, and military commanders.


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