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John McIver (Earth-616)
Real Name
John McIver
Current Alias

Power Master, John Bushmaster


Maggia (European branch)

Quincy McIver (Bushmaster, brother), Cruz Bushmaster (son, decased)



6' 1" (originally); 6'7" (mutated); 8'1" (as Power Master)

210 lbs (95 kg) (originally); 455 lbs (mutated); 705 lbs (as Power Master)



Unusual Features
White stripes of hair on either side

First appearance

Iron Fist #15
(September, 1977)


John McIver was a powerful crime boss, criminal financier and organizer, and was oft-confronted by the super-hero Iron Fist. McIver is best known for his attempts to lure Misty Knight to his side. Misty even faked a relationship once in an attempt to bring Bushmaster down. In an attempt to exact revenge on Knight, he hired Luke Cage to kidnap her and bring her to him. As added incentive, he promised evidence that Cage was framed for the heroin possession charge he was imprisoned for, as well as holding Claire Temple and Noah Burstein hostage. Bushmaster forced Burstein to mutate him as he had Cage, but was nonetheless defeated and soon became paralyzed by the process. Bushmaster later died in battle when he was turned into a metal-like substance[, and his code-name was later honored by his younger brother, Quincy, the Bushmaster.



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The name or term Powermaster refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Powermaster (disambiguation).
More articulation than a Throttlebot, at least.

Perhaps the ugliest Transformers toys ever created, the four Generation 2 Power Master toys were released at the end of the Generation 2 line in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The Australia and New Zealand releases were in US packaging, complete with Hasbro's Rhode Island address, suggesting they were originally planned to be released in the US as well, but eventually canceled and shipped overseas instead.

The gimmick of the line was not unlike that of the Throttlebots: Each Power Master could be dragged backward in either robot or car mode, then by placing one of his guns in the right spot, a catch would release, allowing him to zip along a smooth surface. They share no relationship to the Generation One Powermasters except for their name.

Italian name: Turbomasters


  • It is suspected that these toys were designed by Hasbro without help from Takara, explaining their odd look, which is simple, ugly, and inconsistent with the rest of the Generation 2 line. However, there is no evidence to confirm or deny this.
  • The Generation 2 Power Master line is notable for giving us the first new non-redeco Ironhide toy since 1984.

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