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A Pot of flour is an item used mainly in the Cooking skill. It is one of the items that players can make without the need to train Cooking beforehand. It is used as an ingredient to make bread, pies, cakes, pizzas, and kebabs. These foods are some of the most healing foods in the RuneScape world, apart from high-level fish. Flour is also used to make swamp paste, by mixing it with swamp tar and then cooking it. Flour is needed in some quests, such as Prince Ali Rescue, where it is used to make a skin cream. It is also used in the Summoning skill when used to craft Ravenous locust pouches.


Making money from pots of flour

Pots of flour can be bought in a number of stores for as little as 14 gp each, and they sell for 114 gp on the Grand Exchange. A simple way of making money for freeplayers is to go to Wydin's food store in Port Sarim, buy the inventory full of pots of flour and return to the bank in Draynor Village to deposit them, only to sell them for a profit at the Grand Exchange at a later time. Running time can be significantly cut by using the explorer's ring obtained through the achievement diaries tasks to "cabbage port".


From player-owned house

A kitchen has a spot for a larder, and both oak larders (requires 33 Construction to build) and teak larders (requires 43 Construction) can provide unlimited pots of flour (among other ingredients) for free. You don't need to have an empty pot in your inventory, which makes this the one of the fastest methods of acquiring unlimited flour (if you want less than 500 flour the Port Khazard store/deposit box is quicker), other than buying in bulk from players, provided you use teleports or a servant in order to bank, which would allow you to keep banking flour indefinitely. The biggest downside of this method is its tediousness, as you can only take one pot of flour at a time and it takes a little while as the game processes the commands. This also nullifies the advantage of the more expensive servants' carrying capacity, as they would return in less time than it takes for you to get all the pots they can carry.

It's also possible to take advantage of a kitchen sink to make dough on the spot. Have 9 buckets in your inventory and fill them with water, take 9 pots of flour and make the dough you want, and have the servant bank them (the maid is likely the best choice considering her carrying capacity and time to return from bank).

From a windmill

The barrel of limitless flour is tucked in the corner of the Sinclair Mansion kitchen.

Flour is ground-up grain. The only items players need are grain and an empty pot to put the flour into. Players can pick grain from a field (where it grows as wheat), and they can often find this near a windmill. One of the best spots for members is the field North of Ardougne, which is very close to a bank and a mill. For non-members with a cooking level of less than 32, the best spot to collect grain is the large wheat field North of Draynor Village, which is close to Draynor Bank. The size of the field is of little importance, however, as grain spawns extremely fast.

After collecting grain, players must then take it, along with an equal amount of empty pots, to a Windmill. On the second floor, there is a hopper and some mill controls. The grain must be used on the hopper, then the mill controls operated. This will fill the flour bin on the ground floor with flour. The flour bin can hold up to 30 milled grains, plus 1 in the hopper. Clicking on the bin will empty some flour into one of the pots in the player's inventory.

For players with a cooking level of 32 or higher, the cooking guild and small field on the south-east corner of the Grand Exchange is the best spot to make flour. Rather than bringing half an inventory of pots to the field and cooking guild, players may fill their inventory entirely with grain on the first trip to the field, and grind them at the mill first, while taking spawns of pots and jugs in the room where the hopper is. By the time all the grain is ground, the running energy should be fully restored, which allows the player to run almost all the way back to the bank in Varrock or the Grand Exchange bank to deposit the extra jugs and pots. After depositing, the player can fill her or his inventory with pots, return to the guild and fill them with flour from the bin.

Alternatively, players can take the spawning redberries in the operating room as well, then fill the collected jugs with water at the first floor of the cooking guild and make wine from it. It is inadvisable, however, to do this in order to gain a profit at the Grand Exchange, as the price of wine is actually lower than that of empty jugs.

The cooking guild also spawns green apples, chocolate and pie dishes in the first two floors.

From the Sinclair Mansion

After starting the quest Murder Mystery, members can access an unlimited barrel of flour in the kitchen of the Sinclair Mansion just north of Seers' Village. Simply use an empty pot with the barrel to fill it with flour. This allows you to quickly fill the pots in your inventory, but there's the tradeoff of having to walk at least one way of the trip to a bank. There is one fairly close by in Seers' Village to the south, or players can use the nearby Fairy ring to reach a bank in Zanaris. As this is next to a sink and a range, it is an excellent spot for turning swamp tar into swamp paste

Buying flour

Flour is freely tradeable on the Grand Exchange and is currently 114 coins, or players can buy them from any of these stores:

Shop Location Stock Price Nearest bank
Grand Tree Groceries Tree Gnome Stronghold 10 14 gp Tree Gnome Stronghold
Miscellanian Food Shop Miscellania 5 14 gp Miscellania
(requires starting Royal Trouble)
Wydin's Food Store Port Sarim 500 14 gp

Draynor Village, Rimmington Customs Office deposit box
(requires starting Rocking Out), Bank Deposit Box near Monks of Entrana

Frenita's Cookery Shop Yanille 500 14 gp Yanille Bank
General stores Port Khazard 500 14 gp Port Khazard deposit boxes
Culinaromancer's Chest

(requires starting Recipe for Disaster)

Lumbridge Castle basement Up to 100 14 gp Culinaromancer's Chest

In stores with high stocks, prices will increase gradually as the stock decreases. For example, if you try to buy out all the pots of flour from Wydin's food store, the price will increase to 15 gp when the stock has dropped to around 400, 16 gp at 252, and so on.


  • Before 8 May 2007, General Stores used to have a pot of flour icon, but was changed to a pot, because General Stores almost never had flour in stock.
  • Black Knights used to drop plain flour, shown as a pile of flour on the ground. This could only be picked up if you had an empty pot in your inventory.


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