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Postman NPCs are the hard workers of the Tibian Postal Service. They will deliver your parcels and letters regardless of the weather, and they constantly strive to meet the needs of their patrons.

This is a complete list of Postman NPCs. Most postman NPCs can be found in or near the town's depot. They all sell parcels and letters (except for Kevin) and the prices do not vary from one town to the next. To all players, parcels cost 15 gp, letters cost 8 gp and labels. To members of the Postman Guild, parcels cost 10 gp, and letters cost 5 gp.


Postman NPCs

Name Image:Trans.gif Job Buy/Sell Location
Benjamin Image:Benjamin.gif Postman yes Thais depot at Harbour and Main Street, here.
Chemar Image:Chemar.gif Magic Carpet Manager, Postman yes Darashia Magic Carpet platform, here one floor up .
Chrystal Image:Chrystal.gif Postman yes In Edron next to the depot entrance, here.
Dove Image:Dove.gif Postman yes Venore Depot (here)
Herbert Image:Herbert.gif Postman yes Liberty Bay depot.
Jakahr Image:Jakahr.gif Postman yes In Ankrahmun next to the boat, southwest from the depot, (here).
Kevin Image:Kevin.gif Postman no Postal Service Headquarters, here [1] up one level.
Liane Image:Liane.gif Postman yes Carlin Depot at Central Street and Theater Avenue, (here)
Lokur Image:Lokur.gif Banker, Postman yes In the Kazordoon depot.
Murim Image:Murim.gif Banker, Postman no Farmine.
Nelly Image:Nelly.gif Postman, Magic Shopkeeper yes Svargrond, between depot and boat, next to Jessica
Olrik Image:Olrik.gif Postman yes Ab'Dendriel, just south of the depot (here).
Ray Image:Ray.gif Postman yes North Port Hope, just above the depot, here.
Redward Image:Redward.gif Postman yes Inner City in Yalahar, above the bank.
Wally Image:Wally.gif Postman yes Postal Service Headquarters, here.

Full list of NPCs.

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