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Postie Pete
Release date Unknown edit
Race Undead
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? No
Location See article
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender male
Examine Posts things.
Notable features A skull with no body, and a postbag hanging out of his mouth.

Postie Pete is a non-player character who consists of a skull, a blue RPDT cap, and a satchel he carries around in his mouth. He is RuneScape's only known postman. He delivers all of the Postbag from the Hedge letters to their destinations, and ventures into whatever dangerous places he must to get there - although he can never be seen to do this in-game, preferring instead to pop up around locations within RuneScape. A Postbag from the Hedge confirmed the existence of two of his brothers, Party Pete and Pirate Pete. Also, while talking to Parrot Pete, he mentions him also being his brother.

He can speak over 1,000 languages including Wyvern, and usually tells a rather weak joke. According to Baba Yaga, Postie Pete's Crafting level is 1. However, this is debatable as in a letter's response, he completed the Lost City quest, which requires level 31 Crafting. Lanthus also says to Postie Pete that he should say hi to the kids for him, this showing that he must have children.

Before leaving the place he has spawned, he usually says: "Well, I should be heading off", a reference to his lack of torso.


Confirmed locations

Postie Pete as he appears on his own 59-coin postage stamp - notice the rare use of "GP" instead of "coins", and the fact that Pete has eyeballs in this portrait.

Postie Pete can be found at the following locations:



  • It is possible that he is a spy or a scout for the Imperial Guard of Asgarnia because of the conversation players can have with him while at the Bandit Camp, and the conversation he has with Party Pete: "I'm here to see some white knights."
  • He also mentions Parroty Pete is his brother.
  • In "Postbag from the Hedge 19" it is implied that Postie Pete became a skull after being attacked by a dragon.
  • While speaking to Postie Pete in the Ardougne Zoo and in Castle Wars, your player makes a grammar mistake and says, "What you doing here?"

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