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  • Focus on "Portrait" cards.
  • Cover Card is "Shouzouga Painter - Overlord of all Portraits".
  • Also focus on "Plant" and "Rock" type monsters.
  • Introduction to Deity Rare, where the whole card is shiny like a Parallel Rare, have holographic icons like an Ultimate Rare, but faded image like a Ghost Rare.
Portrait of Eternity
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
PTER-EN000 Shouzouga Painter - Overlord of all Portraits Secret Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN001 Shouzou Painter - King of the Portraits Ultra Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN002 Zou - Portrait of Sorrow Common Effect Monster
PTER-EN003 Nigaoe - Portrait of Doom Common Effect Monster
PTER-EN004 Immauge - Portrait of Bliss Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN005 Sculpcheer - Portrait of Stone Common Effect Monster
PTER-EN006 Votograuf - Portrait of Light Super Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN007 Zeictuure - Portrait of Normality Common Effect Monster
PTER-EN008 Camm Er Ra - Portrait Taker Common Effect Monster
PTER-EN009 Super Camm Er Ra - Portrait Maker Common Effect Monster
PTER-EN010 Anti-Camera - Portrait Breaker Common Effect Monster
PTER-EN011 P-T-E-R Common Effect Monster
PTER-EN012 Insect Destroyer Common Effect Monster
PTER-EN013 Botanic Goblin Super Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN014 Garden Alchemist Ultra Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN015 Plant King Secret Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN016 Saturn Monsterspell Super Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN017 Herbivore Common Effect Monster
PTER-EN018 Statue of Eternity Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN019 Sand Spirit Common Effect Monster
PTER-EN020 Desert Golem Secret Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN021 Rock Goblin Super Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN022 Dogfish Common Effect Monster
PTER-EN023 Deepsea Oceanbeast Ultra Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN024 Water Fish of the Atlantic Common Effect Monster
PTER-EN025 Ichthybeast - The Ultimate Fish Secret Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN026 The Butcher Ultra Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN027 Paper Sniper Secret Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN028 Paper Clown Secret Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN029 Paper Stalker Secret Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN030 Paper Massacrer Secret Rare Effect Monster
PTER-EN031 Origami Set Rare Tuner Monster
PTER-EN032 Des Weed Diety Rare Tuner Monster
PTER-EN033 White Ivy Dragon Deity Rare Synchro Monster
PTER-EN034 Deity of Paper - Peh-Pur Deity Rare Synchro Monster
PTER-EN035 Water Master Super Rare Fusion Monster
PTER-EN036 Torment Blade Super Rare Union Monster
PTER-EN037 Merchant Rare Story Monster
PTER-EN038 Merchant's Gold Common Spell Card
PTER-EN039 Employer Rare Spell Card
PTER-EN040 Poison Ivy Common Spell Card
PTER-EN041 Garden Rare Field Spell Card
PTER-EN042 Crystal Beast - Diamond Doppelganger Ultra Rare Continuous Spell Card
PTER-EN043 It's a Draw! Ultra Rare Spell Card
PTER-EN044 Portrait Drawing Super Rare Spell Card
PTER-EN045 Spontaneous Monster Combustion Rare Continuous Spell Card
PTER-EN046 Last Song Common Spell Card
PTER-EN047 Booster Common Equip Spell Card
PTER-EN048 No Entry!! Rare Trap Card
PTER-EN049 Stop Stalling! Super Rare Trap Card
PTER-EN050 Final Turn Secret Rare Trap Card

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