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A Portal Chamber fitted with a Teleport focus and Teak Portals.

The Portal Chamber in a player-owned house is a room where the player can build portals to teleport themselves to different locations.

This room can be created with 50 Construction and 100,000 coins. Players can use a Spicy stew (can only be obtained during/after Recipe for Disaster) that may increase the player's Construction level temporarily by 6, giving them the ability to construct the Portal Chamber as low as 44 Construction.

There are two types of hotspots inside the Portal Chamber.

  • Three Portals
  • Centrepiece

Based on a Player-Submitted Poll in 4 March 2009, the Portal Chamber is thought to be the most useful room in a player-owned house.[1]


Portal Frames

Portal Image Level Materials Experience Cost to build
Teak portal File:Teak portal.gif 50 Teak plank x3 270 Coins  2,673
Mahogany portal File:Mahogany portal.gif 65 Mahogany plank x3 420 Coins  5,427
Marble portal File:Marble portal.gif 80 Marble block x3 1,500 Coins  975,600


Centrepiece Image Level Materials Experience Cost to build
Teleport focus File:Teleport focus.gif 50 Limestone brick x2 40 Coins  528
Greater focus File:Greater focus.gif 65 Marble block x1 500 Coins  325,200
Scrying pool File:Scrying pool.gif 80 Marble block x4 2,000 Coins  1,300,800

Directing the Portals

Note: Each of the three portals in a room can be assigned to one of seven locations. Assigning a portal to a teleport destination costs 100 times the runes for that particular teleport spell (see table below). Combination runes and staves cannot be used. When creating a portal, Wizard Mind Bombs and Magic potions can be used to temporarily increase your Magic level. This will allow you to construct portals for locations you don't yet have the proper level for.

  • You do not have to be in building mode to direct a focus.
  • When redirecting portals, the left portal is first, the middle portal is second, and the right portal is third.
  • You must have the same Magic level as normally required to cast the teleport spell before directing a portal there.

All requirements to use the teleports apply to directing the portals (ex: You need to have completed Desert Treasure to direct a portal to Kharyrll). To cover most teleport destinations, two portal chambers can be constructed. Also, if you build your house in Yanille, then, you won't need the Watchtower teleport (you're already there) so in that way you cover all destinations. If you want to 'upgrade' your portal frames, you do not have to provide the runes for the teleport destinations again. The portal will automatically return as soon as you place the 'new' portal.

Location Runes Portal colour GE cost
File:Varrock Teleport icon.png Varrock 100 Law, 300 Air and 100 Fire runes Orange 33,700
File:Lumbridge Teleport icon.png Lumbridge 100 Law, 300 Air and 100 Earth runes Blue 36,200
File:Falador Teleport icon.png Falador 100 Law, 300 Air and 100 Water runes Purple 37,000
File:Camelot Teleport icon.png Camelot 100 Law and 500 Air runes White 35,600
File:Ardougne Teleport icon.png Ardougne 200 Law and 200 Water runes Red 66,800
File:Watchtower Teleport icon.png Yanille (Watchtower) 200 Law and 200 Earth runes Green 65,200
File:Kharyrll Teleport icon.png Kharyrll (Canifis) 200 Law and 100 Blood runes Silver 90,000


  • The Kharyrll Teleport is an Ancient Magicks spell, You must have completed Desert Treasure to direct a portal to it, but you don't have to have set your spellbook to Ancient Magicks to redirect your portal to Kharyrll. It is recommended to make this portal first, if possible. Ardougne and Watchtower teleport are useful in long run, since teleporting to house and using the portal costs fewer law runes, although it takes a few extra seconds per teleport.
  • You must have completed Plague City quest to create an Ardougne portal, and you must have completed the Watchtower quest to create a Watchtower portal.
  • If you have your house in Rimmington it is advised to build a Falador portal so that when you're building you can teleport to Falador, restock and just run down back to Rimmington. This also works if your house is in Taverley.


  1. ^ RuneScape Polls Player-Submitted Polls #16

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