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Class Wizard Wizard Spell Icon
Level 24
Category (Target) Teleportation (Self)
Mastery Ordination
 Casting Time  3 seconds
 Recast time  15 min
 Cost  45 power 
 Duration  Instant
Wizard: Evac Spell Line
Level Spell Name
24 Portal
38 Depart
Teleports the wizard to the nearest designated safe spot in the current adventuring area.
This spell is not upgradeable.

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Guild Wars

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Area Boundary
Nightfall Area Boundary

These are often referred to as "portals".

On the world map, area boundaries are marked as small white/bluish vortexes.

These mark where you can move from one zone to another. An area boundary is represented by a glimmering curtain of bluish-white light in Prophecies and Factions, and as a thick ring of golden light in Nightfall and Eye of the North. Through the portal you can see the adjacent area. Walking through this curtain results in the next zone being loaded.

Most area boundaries have a Resurrection Shrine nearby. Many of those that don't will act as resurrection shrines so long as at least one resurrection shrine exists in the zone and none are yet activated.

The following mechanics exist with regards to passing through a portal:

  • If one party member passes through the area boundary, all members of the party will be transported with him, regardless of where they were. This can be useful to reunite lost or dead party members (the dead will be resurrected), although going back and forth between areas is usually not the preferred method of resurrection. When you re-enter an explorable area, all mobs the party encountered will also be resurrected, and reset to their initial positions.
  • Passing through a portal while one or more party members are not loaded (gray health bar in the party window) will kick them from the party.
  • If heroes or henchmen pass through a portal, they will be teleported to the location of a human party member, and any flags that sent them there will be removed. This has the advantage of allowing you to discover the true location of a portal without having to trigger the normal transition, which is useful if you wish to cross that portal without doing so as described below.

Crossing Portals without Triggering Transition

  • If you go from the The Black Curtain to the Cursed Lands sticking to the left hand edge of the north portal, you can cross this portal without triggering the normal transition. An end of the world can be encountered in Cursed Lands.
  • The methods described below are often easier if you know the "true" location of the portal. For many portals, the visible portal is different from the actual area that triggers the transition. Though it is often only by a step or two, it can be enough to make a difference when using the methods listed below. You can find this location more easily through one of the following methods:
    • Use flags to place a hero or the henchmen next to the portal. If they teleport back to you and the flag is cleared, they crossed or at least stepped into the boundary; place the flag farther away from the portal until this doesn't happen. Otherwise, move the flag closer to the portal, and sometimes even beyond the visible portal, until the hero or henchmen teleport back to you and the flag is cleared.
    • Simply approach the portal slowly with heroes or henchmen, stopping repeatedly to allow them to take their usual positions in front of you. When they get close enough to the portal, they will repeatedly run into it and teleport back to your location.
  • You can fight and kill an enemy through a portal. If you do, you can teleport past the portal with Necrotic Traversal. If you approach the portal from "behind", you will be teleported to where you would be if you had approached it from the right direction.
  • If an enemy is still alive while on the other side of the portal, you may be able to use any skill that shadow steps to a foe to cross the portal without triggering the transition.
  • It is occasionally possible to shadow step to an ally on the other side of the portal using Death's Retreat, Recall, Return, Shadow Meld, or Ebon Escape.
  • The easiest method currently available is to use Heart of Shadow or Viper's Defense. These can be used on your character to immediately bring you across the portal, or by using it on a hero and then using the above method. Either way, this is best done with at least two characters or a conveniently placed NPC in order to control the direction of the shadow step initiated by these skills. Otherwise, these skills initiate shadow stepping in random directions.
    • In some cases, this method does not work on the actual area boundary, but it is occasionally possible to shadow step through the walls just to the side of the portal instead. They do not always prove to be an obstacle to shadow stepping, and often this will not trigger the normal rezone even when other methods do.
Historical note: Heart of Shadow and Viper's Defense always initiated random shadow stepping before the May 14, 2009 update. This still allowed crossing some portals without triggering the transition in some cases, but those attempting to do so usually had to make many attempts and endure many accidental transitions before this would work.


  • This is a useful trick for anyone wishing to view ends of the world, and finding one of these seems to be the most common result by far.
  • In some cases, more than one explorable area share the same terrain block. This can allow mob-free exploration of some zones for the Cartographer titles.
  • Some areas not otherwise accessible, or otherwise accessible only during special events, can be accessed using these methods, allowing cartographers to gain additional exploration progress.
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The Artifact
Background Information

East of Voi, Kenya, East Africa, Earth


Closed, yet still drawing power from an unknown source

Date of Construction

Forerunner-Flood War

Firing Record



Approx 120 kilometers[1](74 miles)


The Artifact,[2] known to the scientific community as the Excession at Voi,[3] a Forerunner artifact in Kenya, Africa on planet Earth, designed to generate a slipspace portal to Installation 00. It was buried between the town of Voi and the city of Mombasa, and uncovered by the Covenant during the Battle of Earth in late 2552.



Ancient History

According to the messages from a Forerunner known as the Librarian contained throughout the Terminals on the Ark, the artifact on Earth was the last of numerous gateways constructed throughout the galaxy, and was buried shortly before the activation of the Halo rings. An ancient African elder named N'chala witnessed its construction by Strato-Sentinels.

Battle of Earth

The Artifact, viewed during the day, prior to its activation by the Prophet of Truth.

Following the Prophet of Regret's retreat from Earth during the Battle of Earth, a massive Covenant fleet led by Jiralhanae arrived to swiftly take control of the battle from the Sangheili. On the same day, they started the uncovering of the artifact by glassing. It is unknown when the process would be completed, but it was ready for The Prophet of Truth's arrival on the 17th of November.

The Prophet of Truth landed the Forerunner Dreadnought on the Forerunner structure, and an unusual electric storm started up above it. Before its activation, he traveled to the Superintendent's data center deep under New Mombasa, where Covenant forces had excavated a tunnel leading into the Artifacts's underground sections.[4]

The UNSC military unit ONI Recon 111 reported to Commander Miranda Keyes that the "cruisers above the crater have stopped...they've found something"[5]. The UNSC attempted to attack the structure, falsely presumed to be the Ark by UNSC intelligence; but was unsuccessful due to heavy Covenant Loyalist anti-aircraft batteries. A small strike force in the city of Voi, consisting of John-117 and some Marines and factory workers neutralized an AA battery to clear a path for three Frigates and numerous Longswords. These then made several attacks on the Dreadnought with MAC Cannons and Air to Air Missiles, but with no effect. Truth then activated the Gateway, opening a large Slipspace rift above the Artifact which led to the real Ark, which is revealed to be outside the Milky Way galaxy. Truth and the rest of the Loyalist fleet advance through the rift as the Separatist fleet, along with Thel 'Vadam, Miranda Keyes, and SPARTAN-117 pursue them to the Ark.

In 2553, after the battle, civilian xenoarchaeologists were hired by the Office of Naval Intelligence to study the artifact. While closed, it was still drawing power from an unknown source and the majority of the passageways below it were still unexplored.[3]


The storm was first seen in the Halo 3 Announcement Trailer, when the camera shows the artifact being uncovered & activated. The storm lies directly over it, lightning bolts are seen flashing out of the clouds and the formation seems to have an eye, like a hurricane would. When the portal is activated, the beam travels up through this eye and disappears.

In the level Crow's Nest, when a player looks up at some of the computer monitors, you will see a map of the local area. The map will have a mass of clouds beginning to show a swirling motion around the area. When you enter the level Tsavo Highway, you can see a doughnut-shaped mass of clouds above the artifact that the Covenant are excavating. When you proceed to the level The Storm, the storm has intensified and grown. The clouds now bring rain to the area, and certain parts of the cloud glow as if cloud-to-cloud lightning is occurring. When Truth activates the Artifact, the solid blue beam shoots up into the cloud formation's eye and opens the portal to the Ark.

After the portal is opened, and the level Floodgate begins, the remains of the clouds are seen broken up and swirling around the portal in the sky, having been disrupted by the opening of the portal itself.

The artifact is also seen in the ending cinematic of Halo 3: ODST, where a fleet of Covenant ships are excavating the object.


Interpretations of the size of the Artifact vary. In-game, the diameter of the structure is estimated to be 25.515 kilometers using an overhead image and the size of a Covenant Battlecruiser above the portal, as well as Pan Cam coordinates.[6]

However, several geographical facts seem to imply otherwise. As evidenced by Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST, the Portal stretches from the edge of the metropolis of New Mombasa all the way to the edge of Voi. The distance between these cities is well over 100 kilometers. In this light, a diameter of mere 25.5 kilometers is an impossibility. This is further evidenced by the ending cutscene of Halo 3, where the Portal is seen from low orbit. It is clearly close to the African coastline instead of being deep into the mainland, which would inevitably be the case if the portal was only 25 kilometers in diameter.

If the intended diameter of the structure was a mere 25 kilometers, it would also mean that the Forerunner Dreadnought would be radically smaller than it appears to be in Halo 2 and Halo: Uprising.[7][8][9][10] From this it can be assumed that the portal is likely smaller in-game than its actual intended size, due to engine limitations; generating map geometry for over a 10700 km2 area would be an impossibility on the Halo 3 engine.

It should be noted that these estimations are centered around the the size of the excavated portion of the Portal. The extent of the underground installations surrounding it is still unknown.


  • On Behind the Scenes on the Halo 2 Collectors Edition, there is actually a sketch of the Artifact upon activation.
  • At a point in the level The Storm, a group of UNSC Marines are present around a radio. Intel comes over the communications channel and says,"...winds inside the storm have been clocked at over 200 kilometers per hour."
  • The Artifact was originally both underground and submerged, lying under a massive ocean inlet. By the events of Halo 3, the entire lake and the earth below had been vaporized by Covenant cruisers to unveil the Artifact.
  • At the end of Halo 3 where Lord Hood is making his concluding Tribute speech about the Human-Covenant War and the Marines who died in the strife and war, you can see that the Artifact is inactive when the Phantom comes to transfer the Arbiter to the Shadow of Intent.
  • When the frontal half of the Forward Unto Dawn came back to Earth through the portal, instead of exiting it above the structure where the Slipspace rift would be, it ended up exiting in Earth's orbit, due to the portal being closed. This indicates that from the Ark, one-way access through the portal was possible, even if the portal on Earth was closed.
  • The 14 monoliths that lift up after activation of the portal is another reference to the number 7 (7+7=14). The entire structure seems to be constructed of 7 identical parts, with seven pairs of monoliths.
  • It has been further stated by Bungie that at one point, during story conception, the area that ended up being the Portal had originally been intended to be The Ark itself.
  • The monoliths bear a striking resemblance to the monoliths around the Atmosphere Processor from the film Aliens.



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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

Character Template Help
Real Name
Charles Little Sky
Current Alias



Unnamed mother, Evan and Sylvia (younger siblings)


Base Of Operations





Charles' latent mutant powers became fully activated when Puma tried to hunt him down and bring him back to his tribe's shaman.

First appearance

(As Charles Little Sky) Avengers #304,
(As Portal) Darkhawk #5



Charles Little Sky was a member of Thomas Firehart's (Puma) tribe. When a shaman identified Charles as having "special abilities," he ran away to New York City in fear. While working at Ellis Island as a caretaker, Puma tracked Charles down. The Avengers, Thor, Captain America, and Gilgamesh were at the centre when Puma appeared, and in the ensuing battle, Charles reacted in fear by activating a portal. Through this portal came the U-Foes, who had been trapped in another dimensional plane. Eventually, Charles escaped through another portal. While in absence, Charles accumulated various weaponry, and wound up having to kill (in self-defence) Kistur, a Mahari alien wearing a Darkhawk armour. When Charles reappeared at a musuem where Chris Powell (Darkhawk) and his family were, he thought Darkhawk was a comrade of the dead Mahari.

Portal's relationship with Darkhawk has changed over the years. When Portal was kidnapped and brainwashed by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Darkhawk, Sleepwalker, and Spider-Man came to his aid. Later, when Darkhawk "2.0" fell ill, Portal took over DH's heroing responsibilities in New York. Later, he helped Darkhawk fight against the the reborn Kistur, now going by the name of Overhawk, and an army of his fellow space-pirates.

Some time after, he joined A.R.M.O.R., an organization tasked with keeping an eye on all extra-dimensional activity in the planet.

Powers and Abilities


Teleportation through any dimensional plane


Highly trained in combat gymnastics by tribal elders. Knowledge of alien technology

Strength level






Protective armor fashioned from alien technology




Various; includes powerful energy rifle


  • Although some believe the teleportation abilities lie within his armour, he is in fact a mutant.


Discover and Discuss

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

A Teleport Portal in a Player Owned House.

Portals are a form of transportation. They enable you to teleport between places on Gielinor or other realms and planes of existence. Unlike ordinary teleports, portals can only be reached and activated at a fixed location, yet a limitless number of people can pass through almost any portal a limitless number of times.


Skills related


A Magic Portal in the Wizards' Guild.


There are three portals atop the Wizards' Guild:

  • The east portal sends players to the Wizards' Tower south of Draynor Village.
  • The south portal sends players to the Dark Wizards' Tower north of the Crafting Guild.
  • The west portal sends players to Thormac the Sorcerer's house west of Catherby.



The portal leading to the Runecrafting Guild.

Random event

Portals are usually found in random event areas as a way of exit.



A player standing in a portal during the Spirit of Summer Quest

In addition, there are the following portals scattered throughout RuneScape:

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ST Expanded

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The Star Trek Expanded Universe Database is for fanon and related content. See for the canon Star Trek wiki.

  1. REDIRECTmemoryalpha:Portal

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From TibiaWiki

File:Magic Forcefield.gif
This Object is in the Teleporters class.
Magic Forcefield
You can see the other side through it.
Object Class: Teleporters
Attributes: A Magic Forcefield is a game square that will teleport your character to a different location when you step on it.
Walking Time: The same as the tile under it
Location: Around Tibia, usually near some Quests.
Notes: Portals cannot be moved, but some may only appear under special circumstances, such as flipping a switch, or placing an item in a specific location. Also, sometimes a portal is present, but it will only teleport you to a special place if you flip a switch or series of switches. Otherwise, it just teleports you to the next square.
See also:
Mystic Flame
See also: Objects.
Add historical information about this object.

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City of Heroes

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Portal can refer to one of several things in game. In some instances, it is used to refer to summoning portals, in others, extra-dimensional travel gateways, and even occasionally often circular gateways that teleport you from one area on a map instance to another.

  1. Portal (Banished Pantheon)
  2. Portal (Circle of Thorns)
  3. Portal Corporation
  4. Dimensional Portal
  5. Base Portal
  6. Viewing Portal
  7. Assault Portal
  8. Rikti Portal Generator
  9. Nemesis portal wreckage
  10. Portal Tech
  11. Ouroboros Portal
  12. Hortha Vine
  13. Portal Parter Badge
  14. Portal Jockey Badge
  15. Portal Smasher Badge
  16. Portal Hopper Badge

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