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Polly Wright
Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 1966
Appearances: Full List of Appearances
Actor: Anneke Wills

Polly Wright was a companion to the first and second incarnations of the Doctor.




Joining the Doctor

Polly was sophisticated, and had an upper-class accent, implying that she was from a good background. Her accent later would lead to her being nicknamed "Duchess" by Ben. However, she worked for Brett before meeting as his secretary. She was unhappy that WOTAN's typing was faster, and more accurate, than hers. Polly was a typical 1960s London 20-something, and enjoyed her time out of work. She met Ben Jackson at the Inferno nightclub, where she was chatting him up, and together they joined the Doctor. Her relationship with Ben was close from the start. She and Ben found a TARDIS key dropped by the Doctor, and fitted it into its lock. They ended up inside the ship. (DW: The War Machines)

Early travels with the Doctor

The Doctor first took them to 17th century Cornwall, where they encountered smugglers. (DW: The Smugglers) In 1986 at the South Pole, she helped fight off an invasion by Cybermen from Mondas. At the conclusion of these events, the exhausted Doctor collapsed and when through his first regeneration. (DW: The Tenth Planet) On the planet Vulcan, she adjusted to the Doctor's having changed into a new and younger persona. On Vulcan, she met the Doctor's archenemy, the Daleks. While Ben remained more doubtful than an impersonator had not simply replaced the Doctor, she remained more open to the possibility that he had changed form. (DW: The Power of the Daleks)

Later travels

Polly on her way to being converted into a Fish Person

Polly was confident, and not afraid to use her feminine wiles. She used her femininity, and attractiveness, to enlist the help of Redcoat Algernon Ffinch while the travellers were in the Scottish Highlands. Polly also encouraged Kirsty McLaren, and the other Scots girls, to use their femininity to lure Algernon into a pit, where they then took his money, identity disc and a lock of his hair. She struck up a relationship with Finch, and teased him whenever they met. Calling him 'Algy', she realised that he had developed an admiration for her. (DW: The Highlanders)

Despite her beauty, and her femininity, Polly was more than just a pretty face. When the travellers arrived on the the Moonbase in 2070 and had to face the Cybermen, Polly soon realised that the plastic parts of the Cybermen could be attacked using a mixture of solvents. She instantly thought of the way that nail polish is dissolved by nail varnish remover, and concocted mixture including acetone, benzene, ether and epoxy propane to make a substance (called "Cocktail Polly" by Ben) which was shot at the Cybermen using adapted fire extinguishers. (DW: The Moonbase)

Although Polly enjoyed her adventures, she couldn't hide her desire to stay at home when she got the chance. After an adventure with the alien Chameleons in 1966, they discovered that the TARDIS had come back to London just prior to the date that they had departed. With Ben, Polly left the TARDIS, and returned to her life having never appeared to be missing. (DW: The Faceless Ones)

Life after the Doctor

On New Year's Eve 1986, Ben and Polly once more re-united. Their relationship had not lasted and they had gone on to marry other people. (ST: Mondas Passing)

In 1999 the Doctor helped Ben meet Polly once more. They both admitted their love for each other. (ST: That Time I Nearly Destroyed the World Whilst Looking for a Dress)


Teasing banter was a typical way for Polly to treat those she was close to. She hid her affection for others, particularly from Ben, behind this façade. The teasing and banter with Ben was part of an ongoing development of their relationship. She was chatting him up when she met him, and she was still chatting him up when they left the TARDIS together. When her friends are in trouble, Polly was completely serious - particularly if Ben was one of those in trouble. In those circumstances Polly would drop the banter and flippancy, and work towards practical solutions.

Other information


She was also often called "Poll" by Ben which was adapted to "Paul" when she was pretending to be a boy in 17th century Cornwall. (DW: The Smugglers) He also described Polly as "our little dolly-rocker duchess" (DW: The Smugglers) or simply "the duchess".


Behind the scenes

Like Vicki before her, Polly's surname was never said in any televised episode, but came to be Wright based upon the 1995 novel by Gary Russell, Invasion of the Cat-People. Prior to this, the name was the subject of speculation, with some reference works giving her the erroneous last name Lopez based on some dialogue in The Faceless Ones, in which a false version of Polly was recreated by the chameleons, and became an eerie character "from Zurich," calling herself either Michelle Lopez or Michelle Leuppi (the novelisation lists "Michelle Leuppi, from Zurich"). Some sources have suggested that the name Wright was used in the original text that Anneke Wills and others read while auditioning for the part of Polly, but this is unconfirmed. This name is somewhat problematic, being similar to earlier Hartnell companion Barbara Wright. In her 2007 autobiography Self-Portrait, Anneke Wills states that Polly has no surname and is simply "Polly." However, in a 1993 Myth Makers interview with Nick Briggs, Anneke confides that Polly's name is Polly Breckingham-Smith, something she says she hasn't told anyone before. This is likely to be a name Anneke Wills came up with herself at some point, perhaps while working on the show, but more likely some time later.

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Race: Hooluk - to upload a more specific image, click here
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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Quest
Race Hooluk
Zone The Barren Sky (Kingdom of Sky)
Location Whisperwind Isle at the end of Windgazer's Hideout ( -655, +8, -517 ) /waypoint -655, +8, -517 EQ2MAP POI

Related Quests

Words of a Feather

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File:Polly.gif NPC Polly
Location: Treasure Island?
Occupation: Parrot
Notes: Parrots can repeat phrases said by humans.
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Spoiler warning: Quest and/or game spoiling details follow.

Part of the Treasure Hunt Quest.

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Items traded: None.
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City of Heroes

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Polly is from the Rescue Polly police band tuner mission. A street person infected with an intelligent bioweapon by the council. The bioweapon (seemingly a special type of nanite) has decided to form a symbiotic relationship with Polly though, much to the Council's dismay.

Her faction is Hapless Citizen and she is a Captive.


This hapless citizen is in over her head.


During the rescue
Vortex Cor Leonis Grenade: Now, we wait until the bioweapon starts to kill her.
Polly: Actually, I've been talking with the bioweapon about that...
Equinox Archon: Once we know it works, it will be ours to control!
Vortex Cor Leonis Grenade: It's a weapon! It will... What do you mean, <Player'sName>?
Polly: The weapon and I have been talking. It's feeling inspired, and wants to try being a symbiote.
Equinox Archon: We gotta handle <Player'sName> first!
Polly: It's funny, but these little guys have a lot of good advice. I think this could work out really well.

When lost
Polly: A little help here?

At mission end
Polly: You know, I think getting infected with an intelligent bioweapon is the best thing that ever happened to me.

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