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Final Fantasy

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Big Pollen in Final Fantasy VII.

Pollen is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy. It always appears as an ability, usually possessed by plant-type enemies. The majority of the time Pollen inflicts status effects to its targets, however some variants are restorative spells.

Variants include Deadly Pollen, Doom Pollen, Big Pollen, White Pollen, and Dream Pollen.



Final Fantasy IV

Blood Flower and Mortblossom can use the Pollen ability in Final Fantasy IV. It inflicts non-elemental damage to the party in addition to the Sap status.

Final Fantasy VI

Though an ability called Pollen is not present, Deadly Pollen, also known as Doom Pollen, is an enemy ability in Final Fantasy VI which inflicts the Zombie. Exoray is the only enemy that can use this.

Final Fantasy VII

Flower Prong's Pollen ability inflicts minor non-elemental damage to enemies and inflicts Sleep. Ho-chu's Big Pollen is very similar but it targets an entire party.

Final Fantasy IX

Pollen is an enemy ability which inflicts minor damage to the enemy party and inflicts Blind. The Dendrobium enemy and Plant Brain boss can both use it in the Evil Forest.

Final Fantasy X

Pollen is an enemy ability from Final Fantasy X. There are three versions, Funguar's inflicts Sleep, Thorn's does the same and also inflicts Blind, and Exoray's does the same and also inflicts Poison.

Final Fantasy X-2

Yuna's special Floral Fallal dressphere has two pollen abilities. White Pollen heals the party while Dream Pollen targets inflicts non-elemental damage and inflicts Sleep on an enemy party.

Final Fantasy XI

Pollen is an enemy ability used by Bee-type enemies and it restores HP to the user. Blue Mages can learn the Pollen ability and cast it for the price of 8 MP.

Final Fantasy XII

The Pollen enemy ability inflicts Confuse, Poison, and Slow to its target.


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